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AP ePass Online Registration – While the Government has come up with several guidelines and regulations to maintain a strict curfew, it has also introduced Andhra Pradesh ePass for the individuals who need to move during the curfew for emergency services. Individuals, who are in need of this ePass, have to visit the official website of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and apply for it online. While the Government has offered this freedom to apply and get an ePass for movement during the curfew, you should act responsibly and should apply for it only in case of extreme emergency.

To offer a speed breaker to the regular rising cases of COVID, Andhra Pradesh Government has announced a partial lockdown in the state. This lockdown will continue from 5th May to 15th June 2021 as of now. Earlier, the lockdown was going to finish on 31st May but the government has decided to extend further to may-end to control new cases. But if the situation does not get under control, then the Government can extend the lockdown even further. Under the current partial lockdown, the curfew is from 12 noon till 6 am every day.

Name of the State Andhra Pradesh
Type of Lockdown Partial Lockdown
Lockdown Status in Andhra Pradesh Till 15th June 2021
Type of Pass Movement e-Pass during Lockdown
Method of Application Online
Official Authority Government of Andhra Pradesh
Official Portal

How to Apply for Andhra Pradesh ePass?

In order to apply for Andhra Pradesh ePass online, you have to follow these eminent steps.

Step – 1 – Start the registration process by visiting the official website of the AP portal by Clicking Here.

Step – 2 – On the homepage, go through the guidelines and click on the option of Apply for Service.

Step – 3 – You will be soon redirected to another page that will have the application form of Andhra Pradesh ePass.

Step – 4 – Here you have to start filling this application form with all the important details such as your name, gender, mobile number, and email address.

Step – 5 – Now select an Identity Proof type from the dropdown menu and provide the Identity Card number.

Step – 6 – Next; select the category of Travelers from different options that are student, migrant worker, tourist, pilgrim, and emergency/medical.

Step – 7 – Now you have to select the movement type that is within Andhra, outside Andhra, or traveling to some Andhra Pradesh from some other state.

Step – 8 – Under the section of Applicant’s Photograph, either you can choose a photograph file from your system or you can click on the icon of a camera to start your device camera and click a picture instantly.

Step – 9 – Next, fill in the form with other necessary details.

Step – 10 – You can add members and their details by clicking on the addition symbol under the section of Traveler(s) Details.

Step – 11 – Next, you have to agree that you have the Arogya Setu application installed on your mobile device.

Step – 12 – Now provide the captcha details that are displayed on the screen.

Step – 13 – Finally, click on the Submit button and you are all set.

After successful submission of the AP e Pass online application, you will get a confirmation SMS on your mobile number to confirm your application. The approval of the ePass can take up some hours to a day a two. Once the ePass is approved, you will get another SMS through which you will be also able to download the ePass.

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Required Documents for AP ePass

Here is the complete list of documents that you might need for applying to Andhra Pradesh ePass.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Traveling Tickets
  • Copy of Wedding Card in case of marriage invitations
  • Admission card, or institute card for students
  • Medical report in case of patients
  • Death certificate for attention funeral
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Letter from Government authorities for essential service exemptions

It is noted that you don’t need to upload all the documents for AP ePass as you need to upload only one or two from the list which is needed just to verification of identity.

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AP ePass Important Points

Apart from following the guidelines of the lockdown, it is also important for the citizens and applicants to follow the guidelines of the Andhra Pradesh ePass too. Here are some of the important points that you should keep in mind while applying for the Andhra Pradesh ePass.

  • Only the citizens of Andhra Pradesh can apply for this ePass if they are traveling within Andhra Pradesh are moving out from Andhra Pradesh.
  • If someone from some other state is coming to Andhra Pradesh, they also need to apply for this ePass first.
  • Applicants do not have to register anywhere, but can simply fill up an application form on the official site and can get the ePass approved.
  • It can take time for the approval of the ePass and the application can get rejected in the case of irrelevant or unsatisfactory reasons provided by the applicant.
  • The application of ePass can be applied by an individual or also for the whole family.
  • There is no such offline mode; hence, the only way to get the ePass is through the online application on the official portal.
  • Apart from the filling of the application form, you need to upload Government approved photo identity cards such as aadhar, PAN card, and others.
  • Also, the applicant needs to upload a valid document stating the purpose of the movement such as a marriage invitation card, medical document, and others.
  • It is important that the applicant should have Arogya Set application installed on their device.
  • Make sure that you provide all the details correctly and upload valid documents; else your application will get rejected.

Andhra Pradesh has not yet imposed a complete lockdown unlike many other states of India. The state has offered a bracket of 6 hours that is from morning 6 am till noon 12 in which the citizens can perform their essential activities. The curfew starts at 12 noon and the authorities make sure that this curfew is quite strict and the citizens abide by the rules and regulations of the curfew.

Of course, keeping in mind the emergencies that a person can have during the curfew timings, the State Government has also initiated the facility of Andhra Pradesh ePass. But the citizens need to understand that they should apply for the ePass only in case of emergency. Also, they should make sure to provide correct details to get the ePass approved and should maintain the guidelines of the ePass too along with the lockdown instructions.

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Andhra Pradesh Lockdown Guidelines

Here are some of the important guidelines that the citizens in Andhra Pradesh need to follow during the lockdown.

  • The curfew will start from 12 noon every day and will stay till 6 am the next very day.
  • During the curfew timing, all the shops, offices, restaurants, educational centers, and others will remain closed.
  • Only healthcare centers such as testing labs, pharmacies, hospitals, and others along with some essential services shall remain open.
  • The authorities shall maintain the imposed section 144 in the state that shall prohibit any kind of gathering anywhere or on the streets.
  • Group of people consisting of 5 numbers shall be prohibited.
  • People who are outside the stores of essential items should maintain a queue with proper social distancing while making the purchase.
  • The movements of goods from one location to another location are allowed during the curfew timings.
  • In the case of marriages, there should be only 20 members invited for the occasion.
  • Anybody moving out in the case of emergency during the curfew period should have a proper Andhra Pradesh ePass along with a valid Government photo identity card along with them.

Anybody not following the guidelines and regulations of the lockdown or the ePass should be liable for facing consequences from the authorities trying to maintain a successful curfew in the state. The users are also requested to avoid applying for AP epass if there is no emergency.

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