Aseztak – Guide to Login and Registration for Buyer and Seller

Aseztak – A Complete Guide to Access Aseztak Portal – When business is flourishing online today, business owners look for platforms for smoother operations. One such name that can be trusted for smooth and efficient business transactions lately is Aseztak. 

Aseztak – An Overview

Aseztak is mainly an e-commerce platform that is exclusively for Business to Business purposes. Launched in the year 2019, this platform was developed to offer a solution for trade problems to different business owners irrespective of their size throughout the country. The platform has been serving several wholesalers, traders, and even manufacturers in buying and selling products through a secure payment process. 

Aseztak comes along with a number of features and some of them are listed here. 

  • Easy search option for searching the right products amidst a huge collection of items available. 
  • Minimum order along with the price is available for the ease of buying.
  • Wish list option available for future buying. 
  • A wide range of payment solutions is available to choose from at your convenience.
  • Track your order after a purchase has been made.

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Aseztak Registration

Aseztak is available on Google Play store, App Store, as well as in website form. Here is the method that you can follow to get Aseztak registration done through the website. 

Step – 1 – Go to and click on Web version.

Step – 2 – When the Login page appears, click on Register Now tab.

Step – 3 – On the registration page, select Buyer and then fill up the given form with the necessary details.

Step – 4 – Accept the terms and conditions and click on Register to complete the registration process. 

To get the application on your smart phone, download the application from according to your operating system. After you have installed the application on your device, you have to follow the same registration process of filling out a form and accepting the terms as mentioned above in the website version. 

Aseztak Login

After you have got registered on Aseztak through website mode or through your smart phone device, you can easily log in to your profile as and when required. For the website version, you have to go by this login method. 

Step – 1 – Go to the Aseztak login page through this direct link

Step – 2 – On the login page, provide your registered mobile number and click on Get OTP.

Step – 3 – Now, provide the received OTP to verify it and log into your profile. 

Users who have installed the application on their smart phone device can easily log into their profiles through a single click process on the application. 

Aseztak Seller Registration

If you are a seller, you also have to get registered on Aseztak first in order to start selling out your products on the platform. 

Step – 1 – Visit the registration page by clicking on the direct website version page link

Step – 2 – Now select Seller

Step – 3 – Next, fill in the form with the appropriate details such as business name, mobile number, PIN code, and GSTIN.

Step – 4 – Accept the terms and conditions and finally click on Register to complete the process. 

Sellers can also use the application on their smart phone by downloading the app through and then getting registered on it easily. 

Aseztak Seller Login

There is a single login page for both sellers and buyers. Thus, you have to follow the same instructions as that of the buyer login to continue. 

Step – 1 – Go to the direct login page

Step – 2 – Provide the registered mobile number to get OTP.

Step – 3 – Verify the OTP and then log into your profile. 

FAQs – Aseztak


Yes, it does.

There is no charge for registration and browsing on the platform.

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