BMTC Bus Pass Online Application, Status, Appointment, Renewal

BMTC Bus Pass Online Application, Status, Appointment, Renewal – BMTC Bus Pass has made traveling through public transport buses much more convenient for the people of Bengaluru now. The system offers a good number of Volvo buses for the citizens throughout the day and the night connecting different parts of the city. 

BMTC Bus Pass

BMTC Bus Pass is an initiative that started in June 2016. The idea of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC Bus Pass) is to provide convenient bus fares to the regular travelers of the city. The pass has become famous among government employees, students, and other daily passengers. 

While you are planning to apply for the BMTC Bus Pass, it is essential to be clear about the number of days you will be traveling and the destination that you need to cover. Based on these details, it will become easier for you to get the right pass. Also, it is essential that you get the pass from the official website of Seva Sindhu so that you can even avail of other services such as tracking your pass status and others.

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BMTC Bus Pass Eligibility

Any citizen residing in Karnataka can apply for the BMTC Bus Pass. The vision of the service is to offer bus services to all the citizens of Karnataka at a much lower fare. But the service has a particular focus on the students of the state. The students of the state have special fare schemes that they can apply for and avail of the services that are appropriate for them. 

How To Apply for BMTC Bus Pass?

Individuals can apply for BMTC Bus Pass offline as well as online. 

  • BMTC Bus Pass Offline:

In order to get BMTC Bus Pass through the offline method, you need to visit your nearest BMTC Bus Pass counter and ask for the application form. Fill up the form and submit it with your identity card to fetch the pass. If you are a student, make sure that you mention it so that you get the special pass that is designed for the students. 

  • BMTC Bus Pass Online:

If you do not wish to take the burden of visiting the nearest pass counter, you can also apply for the pass online through the official website of BMTC at Go to the Student Pass section to apply for the pass. 

How To Get BMTC Bus Pass?

To get BMTC Bus Pass for students through online means, you need to follow the steps that are available here. 

Step – 1 – Visit the official website for BMTC Student Bus Pass through the link

Step – 2 – Click on Student Pass to get to the pass page. 

Step – 3 – Under the name ‘Apply for New Student Pass’, select the right option to proceed. 

Step – 4 – Fill up the application form that opens up with the right details and upload the necessary documents. 

Step – 5 – Accept the term and conditions and request OTP to complete the process of application. 

After you have applied for the bus pass, make sure to keep the application number safe for checking the status of your application. 

BMTC Bus Pass Application Status

It may take some time for your bus pass to arrive after application. Meanwhile, you can keep on checking the status of your BMTC Bus Pass through this process. 

Step – 1 – On the page to apply for a new student pass, you will get the option of application status at

Step – 2 – Scroll down to find the option at the end of the page.

Step – 3 – Enter the application number that you have received after the application and then search.

You shall get the status of the application soon. 

BMTC Bus Pass Appointment

Once the application for BMTC Bus Pass gets approved, you need to schedule an appointment for completing the process and getting the pass finally. You need to follow this method to get your appointment done. 

Step – 1 – On the student pass application page, you will get the schedule appointment option just above the appointment status check option. 

Step – 2 – As you click on the appointment option, you will be directed to a different page where you have to fill in the details and get OTP to proceed further. 

BMTC Student Bus Pass Login

Once your application is finalized, you will get your BMTC Student Bus Pass Login details through which you can avail of different services on the site. Here are the steps to log into the site of BMTC. 

Step – 1- Go to the direct BMTC Student Bus Pass Application and Login Page at

Step – 2 – Enter your username and password followed by the displayed text to sign in. 

Follow this method if you have forgotten the password. 

Step – 1 – On the login page, click on Forgotten Password to open a tab on the screen.

Step – 2 – Provide your username and click to get Recovery OTP through which you can recover your forgotten password. 

BMTC Bus Pass Renewal

Once you have got registered on the BMTC Bus Pass website with proper login credentials, you can now easily avail other services such as BMTC Bus Pass Renewal. In order to renew your bus pass, you have to reschedule your appointment. The process will be similar to the BMTC Bus Pass Appointment. 

FAQS – BMTC Bus Pass

There are different bus passes available and these are day pass, vajra daily pass, A/C Suvarna daily pass, vajra monthly pass, Vajra student monthly pass, Vayu Vajra monthly pass, ordinary monthly pass, senior citizen monthly pass, and student pass.

The amount needed for the BMTC Student Bus Pass depends upon a number of factors such as the age of the student, the distance to be covered, the gender of the student, and also the course in which the student is studying.

Students can get a bus pass for all BMTC buses except for the A/C buses and the Vayu and Vayu Vajra bus options.

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