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CoWIN Covid-19 Vaccination Registration – The online registration for Covid-19 vaccination is now started in India for 18 years and above age group for all states. The users who want to get vaccinated for doses 1 and 2 may get registered online and can book the online slot as well to get vaccinated in the nearby vaccination centre in their area.

The second wave of COVID-19 infection has attacked India this year. This has led to an increased number of active cases and even casualties each day. In such a case, the only hope is to get vaccinated. The vaccination possibly shields you from the infection and can help boost up your immunity system. This way, the chances of getting an infection will get reduced to a higher extent. Thus, India has finally introduced the largest vaccination drive.

Name of the Portal Co-WIN
Tagline Largest Vaccine Drive
Registration Type Online
Methods of Registration Through Portal and Mobile App
Official Apps Aarogya Setu, DigiLocker, Umang
Age Group 18 Years and Above
Registration Start Date for 18+ 28th April 2021
Live Status of Registration Running
Official Registration Portal

CoWIN Portal

The CoWIN portal importantly offers the facilities of getting registered for vaccination in your nearest centers. Apart from this, it also offers regularly updated information about the vaccination drive such as:

  • Total number of people who have got vaccinated
  • Number of people who have already received both doses
  • People who have received just the first dose
  • Number of male who has got vaccinated
  • Number of female who has received vaccination

The portal displays all the steps that will help you in conveniently getting registered and booking an appointment for vaccination. The portal also has a list of frequently asked questions with answers that you can go through. Also, the helpline numbers are available to contact in the need of emergency.

India is a country with a huge population. Hence, registration for vaccination slots in the nearest vaccination centers is the only way to stay away from chaos. Also, as staying away from crowded places is the only way to stay safe, registering a slot will be a helpful decision.

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Latest Statistics of Covid-19 Vaccination

Total Registration for Vaccine 105.29 Crore
Number of Total Vaccination 181.16 Crore
Number of Dose-1 Vaccines 97.14 Crore
Number of Dose-2 Vaccines 81.96 Crore
Number of Fully Vaccinated 81.96 Crore
Reported AEFI 0.005 %
Number of Vaccine Facilities 51350+

Note – The statistics of the above COVID-19 vaccination numbers are updated on a daily basis and all the numbers are given above are from across the country.

Latest Updates of CoWIN Registration

Starting 3rd January 2022, the government has started the covid vaccination drive for childrens with the age group of 15 to 18 years. The process of registration will be the same for this age group as well.

Till now the vaccination was only for people who were in the age of 45 years and above. This decision was taken keeping in mind how COVID infection was infecting aged people severely last year. But the scenario is much changed this year. This year many youngsters are not just getting infected, but are also getting a serious infection, ultimately reaching the death bed. Different states of the country are not just struggling with hospital beds but also with oxygen cylinders.

So, finally, the Government of India has taken the initiative to start the largest vaccination drive for everyone who is above 18 years of age. The registration window for 3rd phase of vaccination is now open for users 18 years and above so users are requested to register themselves as early as possible to get vaccinated. This vaccination drive is already started from 1st May 2021 and everyone that is above 18 years can get registered for the vaccination at the CoWin portal from 28th April 2021. If you have other applications already installed on your smartphones such as Arogya Setu, Umang, and Digilocker, you can get your registration done from these applications too.

CoWIN Registration 2023

Candidates need to register in the CoWIN portal to have a smooth procedure of registering for the vaccination slot. Here are some of the important features that you should know to register on CoWIN.

  • Register up to 3 more individuals along with you for the vaccination.
  • Select a nearby vaccination center as per your choice and convenience.
  • Choose a convenient date of vaccination from the slots available.
  • Reschedule the date of vaccination if and when necessary.

The process of registering and getting the vaccination is also simple and smooth.

  • Log into the CoWin Portal.
  • Register yourself and other individuals.
  • Schedule the appointment.
  • Get confirmation of the appointment.
  • Get vaccination.

If you face any issue related to server or any other technical issue while registration then do try register yourself after sometime.

CoWIN Registration Methods

After you have understood how the process flows, it is important to know the right ways to get registered on the CoWIN portal as well as other applications for the vaccination. The registration process can be completed through the online process as well as the offline process by visiting the authorized vaccination centre. However, only limited spots are available for offline registration so you are requested to go for the online method for faster and nearest slot booking. You can either get registered directly through the portal of CoWIN or by installing applications such as Arogyasetu and Umang.

How To Register for COVID-19 Vaccination?

Here, we have listed the method through where you can successfully register yourself to get the COVID-19 vaccination in your nearest centre so you just have to select the preferred method from the given list and complete the registration process for vaccination.

  • Through Portal

Follow these steps to get registered and get vaccinated successfully.

Step – 1 – Visit the portal

Step – 2 – Now click on the Register option to start the registration process.

Step – 3 – Here, you have to first provide you your mobile number and have to click on the option of get OTP.

Step – 4 – You have to now provide the OTP that you have received on your mobile number and have to click on the option Verify.

Step – 5 – After OTP verification, the actual registration starts where you have to provide the necessary details.

Step – 6 – Select a Photo ID proof from the dropdown menu first and then provide the ID number.

Step – 7 – Provide your name, date of birth, and your gender exactly what is provided in your Photo ID.

Step – 8 – Finally, proceed to click on the Register button.

After you have successfully registered with CoWIN portal, you will soon get a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Adding Members

After you have got your registration done, you can also add up other candidates up to a maximum of 3 on your profile. Follow these steps to add other individuals.

Step – 1 – After registration, you can access the page of Account details where you will find the option of Add More on which you have to click.

Step – 2 – Enter the details of the person in the same way how you added your details earlier.

Step – 3 – Now click on the option of Add.

Soon, again you will get a confirmation message of adding a member to your account.

Deleting Members

In case, if you wish to delete a member, you can do it by following these steps.

Step – 1 – Again, from the Account Details page, you can delete a member from your account.

Step – 2 – You will find the option of Delete in front of the name of the existing member on which you have to click.

That’s it and the individual will get deleted from your account.

  • Through Aarogya Setu

Follow these steps if you wish to register for vaccination through the Arogya Setu application.

Step – 1 – Install the application Arogya Setu on your smartphone from your app store.

Step -2 – Open the application after it is installed and provide your phone number.

Step – 3 – Enter the OTP that you must have received on your provided phone number and Verify.

Step – 4 – After the verification is done, click on the tab of Vaccination and complete the registration by filling in the required details.

You will get a confirmation after your registration is completed.

  • Through Umang

Follow these steps to register for vaccination from the Umang site or application.

On Application:

Step – 1 – If you wish to get the Umang application on your smartphone, you can do so by simply searching for it on your app store and installing it.

Step – 2 – As the application opens up after installing, provide your mobile number on the screen to get OTP.

Step – 3 – Now provide your OTP and let the application verify it.

Step – 4 – After the verification process, you will enter your Umand profile and have to click on the CoWIN option to follow the registration process as mentioned under the section of CoWIN above.

On Portal:

Step – 1 – If you wish to use the portal, you can visit the link

Step – 2 – Now click on the Login option available at the top right corner of the homepage.

Step – 3 – You will find two options for Login from which you have to click on the option of User Login.

Step – 4 – The login page will come up where you can log in using your set MPIN or OTP.

Step – 5 – But if you are a new user, scroll the screen down and you will find the option of Create Account.

Step – 6 – On the next page, you have to enter your mobile number and have to click on the option of Get OTP.

Step – 7 – Next, provide the OTP that you have received on your mobile number and enter the Captcha code to proceed.

Step – 8 – As you enter your account, you will find the option of CoWIN for registration of vaccination on which you have to click and have to complete the registration process that is mentioned earlier in this article in the CoWIN registration segment.

Cowin Vaccination Centre and Slots Availability

Recently, The government has added a new feature at the CoWin portal that is users can now find the nearest Cowid vaccination centre and availability of slots even before registration at the portal. The new feature will be helpful for those users who want to first check the availability of slots and vaccination centres near to them. It will helpful for them to make a decision before making a registration at the portal. It is noted that the users can also use the age filter to check the available slots of various age groups like 45 years & above, age between 18 to 45 years, and for all ages.

The users can check the availability by area pin code or their district. If you want to check through Pin Code then do enter your correct area pin code in the box and click on the Search button. You will see the list of available and booked slots for the vaccination. If you want to check the availability by district then do select your state, district, or city and click on search. Here, you will see the list of vaccination centres with the available slots and schedule of vaccination to book.

New Feature Update – Now, users can find a nearest Covid vaccinator centre on a map within 10 km of their selected location. The users have to turn on their location to check the nearby vaccine centre with the address and availability of slots. The map is available only at the official Cowin portal.

CoWIN Vaccination Slot Booking

After you have registered in CoWIN, you can book your slot as and when you require. Follow these steps to do so.

Step – 1 – On the homepage of CoWIN at, you will find the option of Register/Login on which you have to click to log in if you are already registered.

Step – 2 –A page will come up where you will have to provide your registered mobile number and have to click on Get OTP.

Step – 3 – Next, you have to provide the OTP and have to Sign in to your account.

Step – 4 – Now visit the Account Details Page.

Step – 5 – Here, you will find the option of Schedule in the box in which your name and details are provided and you have to click on this schedule option.

Step – 6 – You will be navigated to the page of booking an appointment.

Step – 7 – Now use PIN code and District to choose your nearby vaccination center.

Step – 8 – After selecting the vaccination center, you need to select the date and time from the available slot.

Step – 9 – After you have selected the center and slot, click on the option of Book to finalize your appointment.

Step – 10 – Now the appointment confirmation page will come up where you have to click on the Confirm option.

Step – 11 – When the confirmation page comes up, download it on your device and also take a print of it for future reference.

*If you wish to reschedule the appointment, you have to repeat the steps mentioned above again and have to select a new date. On confirmation, your appointment will get rescheduled. 

*Similarly, you have to follow the same steps when you are booking an appointment for the second dose of the vaccination.

*To book an appointment for the other added members in your account, you have to follow the same steps. It is just that you have to click on the Schedule option mentioned in the box of the name and details of the added members. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Verification

After you got your dose of vaccination, you will be awarded a certification from the vaccination center. It is important to get your vaccination certificate verified to know whether it is authentic or not. Here are the steps that you can follow to get your vaccination certificate verification done.

Step – 1 – Click on the link to visit the CoWIN portal.

Step – 2 – Now you will find the option of Verify Certificate on the top right corner of the portal on which you will have to click.

Step – 3 – A page will open up in a new tab.

Step – 4 – Here, first you have to click on the option of Scan QR Code, and your device will activate the camera.

Step – 5 – Now, scan the QR code provided on your certificate with the camera of your device.

Step – 6 – Once the verification is done, you will get a message of successful verification along with your details such as name, age, gender, and dose details. If the certificate is not authentic, you will get a message of Certificate Invalid.

Required Documents for Co-WIN Registration

For the purpose of CoWIN registration, you will have to provide details mentioned on a photo ID proof provided by the Government of India. There are 7 different photo ID documents from which you can provide one for the CoWIN registration process. These are

  • Aadhar card
  • Electoral or voting card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • NPR smart card
  • PAN card
  • Pension document that is supported with a photograph

While offering the details of the document, you can choose from any one document from a dropdown menu at your convenience. Just be careful that you have to provide your personal details only as mentioned on the document whose details you are providing.

Covid-19 Vaccination Fees

If you are getting registered for the vaccination at a Government hospital or similar places, the vaccination is absolutely free of cost. CoWIN offers the list of vaccination centers only that are registered under the Government of India. Hence, if you are getting registered for the vaccination through CoWIN, you do not have to pay any fees.

But if you think that you will get the vaccination at a private hospital, then only you have to make a payment. Earlier, the charges for the vaccination were fluctuating and different private hospitals charged differently. This was becoming a hindrance and so, the Government of India squeezed the pricing to a standard Rs. 250/- per vaccination.

Important Note – The government of India has announced to provide the free vaccination to all Indian citizens to the people has no need to pay any charges or fees to get vaccinated for coronavirus in India.

Important Instructions for Vaccination

Before you register and book an appointment for vaccination, here are some important instructions that you may have to go through.

What Should You Do?

Here are some of the important instructions that you should follow.

  • You have to register for the vaccination through CoWIN portal, Arogya application, and Umang in advance.
  • You have to get the registration done through a single mobile number and with a single document.
  • You have to carry the photo ID document that you have used during the registration.
  • Try to get registered in the nearby vaccination center only first.
  • Do not be late for the vaccination as there are so many people waiting for their chance.
  • You have to wait for 30 minutes at the vaccination center after getting your dose. If you face any kind of difficulty after vaccination, you should inform the vaccination center at the earliest.
  • Do not forget that you have to keep on maintain precautions of wearing a mask and practicing social distancing even when you have got both the doses of vaccination.

What You Should Not Do?

While there are a number of instructions that you should follow, there are a number of things that you should also avoid doing.

  • You should not take the risk of walking in any vaccination center without prior booking as this will not be entertained.
  • You should not register on different platforms or with different documents.
  • You need to stay away from alcohol or other similar items on the vaccination day.
  • You should not panic if you face any kind of side effects, rather contact the experts at the earliest.
  • For your second dose, you do not have to register once again because you can book an appointment again by signing into CoWIN portal using your registered phone number.

Co-WIN Helpline

The rule is that you will have to wait at the vaccination center for 30 minutes after the vaccination. If you face any trouble in this period, the experts at the center are there to assist you. But in case if you face any kind of side effects after you have reached home, you should immediately get in touch with the CoWIN helpline number at the toll-free number 1075. You can also get in touch for help at any other number that is +91-11-23978046. There are separate helpline numbers for Child, Senior Citizens, and Mental Heath for which you can dial 1098, 14567, and 08046110007 respectively.

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FAQs – CoWIN Covid-19 Vaccine Portal

Q1. Is CoWIN portal available in the form of a mobile application?

Answer: No, there is no mobile application for CoWIN. You have to register through the portal of CoWIN. Yes, you can install the applications such as Umang through which again you have to choose CoWIN and follow the same methods of registration that you will follow the portal of CoWIN.

Q2. Is the booking appointment slip downloadable?

Answer: Yes, you can download the booking appointment slip and can either keep it safe on your device or can take a print of it till the time of your vaccination.

Q3. What are the side effects that I may face?

Answer: You may face a slight pain in the injected area or in your body, along with weakness and fever. In such a case, consuming paracetamol will help. But if you face any other major side effects, you should immediately contact the helpline number.

Q4. Should I carry something for the vaccination?

Answer: Yes, you need to carry the appointment slip along with the photo ID document that you have used during the registration process.

Q5. Do I need to have 2nd dose of vaccination and when?

Answer: Yes, you should have your second dose of COVID-19 vaccination after completing the recommended duration between two doses which is 4 to 6 weeks for COVAXIN while 4 to 8 weeks for COVISHIELD after the first dose of vaccination. You should book the appointment for 2nd dose within the given duration.

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