Darpan Admission Portal: Admission Application 2023, Registration, Login

Darpan Admission Portal: Admission Application 2023, Registration, Login – Darpan Admission Portal is helping students to get admission to their desired courses just with the help of a few clicks. The idea is quite simple and that is to make the admission process for Higher Secondary students much easier.

Darpan Admission Portal

It is the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council that has developed the Darpan Admission Portal. This portal eases out the admission process of students who wish to take admission in various higher secondary courses under the main heads of Science, Commerce, and Arts. The students can visit the portal to select the school or college where they wish to get admission and can also select the course in which they want to pursue their higher secondary education ahead.

Darpan Institute Registration

The institutes also have to get registered on the portal to accept applications from students. Therefore, institutes should follow the below process to get registered successfully at the portal.

Step – 1 – Visit the Darpan Portal at https://darpan.ahseconline.in and Click on Institution Login

Step – 2 – Here, Click on New Institution Registration to register for the first time.

Step – 3 – Here, The institute should fill in the required details like Registration Token, Name, and other details carefully and do upload the required documents to verify the details.

Step – 4 – Set and confirm the pin for the account.

Step – 5 – Accept the declaration and submit the application.

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Darpan Student Registration

Students who wish to get admission through the Darpan portal have to get login details on the portal first. For this, the students need to apply on the portal in this way.

Step – 1 – On the portal page at https://darpan.ahseconline.in, click on Apply or Get Started.

Step – 2 – Scroll down and click the appropriate link to get registered on the portal.

Step – 3 – The next page will display a form that you need to provide all the necessary details and documents.

Step – 4 – After filling up the form, set up your account pin and accept the terms and conditions to proceed with the process.

Make sure to note down the login pin after you have completed completing the registration process.

Darpan Admission Login

There are two Login options available on the Darpan portal.

  • Darpan Login as Institution

The first option is to log into the profile as an institution.

Step -1 – Go to the website https://darpan.ahseconline.in/ and select Institution under the Login option.

Step – 2 – Provide your verified number of institution code.

Step – 3 – Next enter your password to login.

  • Forgot Password? Reset using these steps

Step – 1 – Click on Forgot Password to come to the password reset page.

Step – 2 – Type the institute code or the verified mobile number of the principal

Step – 3 – Enter the OTP received

Step – 4 – Choose another password and confirm it

Step – 5 – Submit details to set the new password.

  • Darpan Login as a Student

The next option is to login as a student.

Step – 1 – On the same page, under the Login tab, select Student.

Step – 2 – Type your registered mobile number, date of birth, and the 4-digit pin.

Step – 3 – Login with these details.

  • Forgot Password? Get it by following these steps

Step – 1 – Click on Forgot Login Details

Step – 2 – Provide your registered mobile number and date of birth.

Step – 3 – Submit the details to get your login details.

Step – 4 – If you do not remember the registered number, click on the blue link provided on the page,

Step – 5 – Next, you have to provide your class 10 exam details to get your registered number.

After you have logged into your profile, you can carry on with a number of activities such as change of your stream and others.

Darpan Admission Application

You can apply for admission in your desired course and institution after you have logged into you profile.

Step – 1 – After submitting the details for registration, as you proceed, you will get the option to verify your admission form.

Step – 2 – Next, you have to select your school or college from a list provided under the section College.

Step – 3 – Click on the apply button to move further.

Step – 4 – Now you have to select the stream that you want to go for and then apply for it.

Darpan Admission Guidelines

There are some important guidelines that the students need to follow on the Darpan Admission portal.

  • The registered student will require the date of birth, registered phone number, and the set pin for login.
  • The editing of the profile can be done from the My Tab option of the Dashboard.
  • Other things on the Dashboard are viewing applications submitted, total submitted applications, and others.
  • Any student has permission to apply just for 5 applications.
  • Students can collect acknowledgment receipts from the tab of My Applications.
  • After the students have submitted the applications, the institutions will check the applications and will notify them about the admissions on the Darpan portal itself.
  • Once admission to one institution is confirmed, approval for any other institution will not be allowed.

Darpan Portal Helpline

While the Darpan portal offers an excellent platform for students to get admission to suitable institutions and courses, students can also email at the helpline address darpanahsec@gmail.com.

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