Digi Shakti Portal: Eligibility, Login at digishakti.up.gov.in

Digi Shakti Portal: Eligibility, Login at digishakti.up.gov.in – Digi Shakti Portal has been offering digital benefits to a wide number of students in Uttar Pradesh. The State Government of Uttar Pradesh launched the Digi Shakti portal under which students can get registered for laptops and smartphones. The Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath introduced this scheme for all the students of the state.

Digi Shakti Portal

The Government of India has been working for the last few years on the concept of Digital India. During the Covid times, the need for digitalization was understood even more. Thus, several states of India came up with different schemes to support Digital India. One such scheme is Digi Shakti that is launched by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

The students do not have to get registered on the portal to avail of this scheme. The team of the portal will distribute the laptops, smartphones, and other devices to the students through their respective colleges, and other educational institutions.

The students will be able to check the syllabus, study materials, and several educational notifications through flash messages on these gadgets.

Digi Shakti Eligibility

Students do not require to get registered on the Digi Shakti portal or also do not require providing anything for the scheme. The portal will collect information about the students from different schools and colleges in Uttar Pradesh and will distribute the gadgets accordingly.

Students who are pursuing their graduation, post-graduation, and diploma degrees in different courses from Government Universities, as well as Private Universities in Uttar Pradesh, will be eligible for the scheme.

So, the team at the Digi Shakti portal will judge the eligibility of the students based on three parameters and these are:

  • Whether the student is a resident of Uttar Pradesh or not.
  • The course in which the student is enrolled.
  • The annual family income of the student

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Digi Shakti Device and Data Security

Uttar Pradesh Government distributes different gadgets under the scheme from the brands Samsung, Lava, and Acer. Though the devices are provided by the Government, the students can stay assured that their data is not getting tracked and data security is maintained.

It is just that the IMEI number of the students is mapped with the enrolment number of the student so that the students can get information in education as well as career opportunities through the application Digi Shakti Adhyayan.

Digi Shakti Portal Login

While the students do not require logging into the Digi Shakti Portal, there are login options offered for various other users. Users from different departments who can log into the Digi Shakti Portal are:

  • IID UP
  • Department
  • District
  • UBSC
  • Institution

Here is the method through which all these users can log into the Digi Shakti Portal.

Step – 1 – Visit the portal at https://digishakti.up.gov.in/en/index.html.

Step – 2 – At the foot of the page, you will find the login option.

Step – 3 – Select the right login option from the options provided.

Step – 4 – On the Sign In page, first select the User type.

Step – 5 – Enter your user id and password

Step – 6 – Type the captcha and sign in.

Follow this method for forgotten password

Step – 1 – Click on the link for forgotten password on the page for Sign in.

Step – 2 – Select the user type and enter your user id.

Step – 3 – Submit your details to get your password.

While the world is going digitalized, many underprivileged children are not able to continue their studies because they do not have such digital facilities. Hence, the UP Government has taken this initiative to offer digital devices for free to those students who are underprivileged. Hence, educational institutions will send data of the student’s family income and other essential details to the portal based on which the team will distribute the devices to the ones who are actually in need of these devices.

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