Samagra ID – Registration, Search ID, Print Samagra Card

Samagra ID: Registration, Search ID, Print Samagra Card – Madhya Pradesh Government has come up with different schemes from time to time for the benefit of the citizens. The scheme of Samagra ID is different from all the above schemes because it is much more transparent and offers better convenience to the citizens of Madhya Pradesh. 

If you are a resident of Madhya Pradesh, and you have still not got registered for the Samgra portal, here are some of the essential details that you should know.

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What is Samagra ID?

Samagra ID is an ID that is provided either to the whole family or the individuals to the family after getting registered on the Samagra portal. Samagra Parivar ID is an 8-digit ID, and Samagra ID is a 9-digit ID.

When you have received your Samagra ID, you can avail the scheme benefits provided by the Madhya Pradesh Government such as Insurance schemes, Pension schemes, Scholarship schemes, and many others. 

Samagra ID Registration

As mentioned above, there are two types of Samagra IDs for which you will have to get registered. One is the Samagra Parivar ID and the second one is the individual Samagra ID. For both the registrations offline, you can visit the District Panchayat or Gram Panchayat, and any of the Urban bodies such as Nagar Panchayat, Municipal Corporation, or Municipality or your area. For online registration, follow the below-mentioned methods. You may visit the official website to find details of your area’s panchayat or other authorities responsible for Samagra. 

NameSamagra ID
StateMadhya  Pradesh
Methods of RegistrationOffline & Online

Family Registration

Follow the steps below for online registration for Samagra Parivar ID.

Step -1 – Visit the official website

Step – 2 – Under Register Samagra, click on Register Family.

Samagra ID Family Registration

Step – 3 – Next, you will have to provide the phone number linked with the Aadhar of the family head to proceed.

Step – 4 – You will get a form next that you will have to fill in first the address details, and family head details.

Step – 5 – Next, you will have to upload the necessary documents and then have to continue to add members to the family.

Step – 6 – Once all the family members are added, you can close the tab.

Samagra Parivar ID is created and sent to the family head’s mobile number and the individual Samagra ID is sent to all the family members individually. Each time a new member becomes a part of your family, you can add them through the portal. 

Member Registration

In order to add a new member to the already existing family, you have to follow these steps. 

Step – 1 – Visit the site and click on Register Member under the Register Samagra tab.

Samagra ID Member Registration

Step – 2 – On the next page, enter the Samagra Parivar ID and authenticate using OTP to continue

Step – 3 – After the authentication, you will get a form in which you will have to start filling in the details of the new family members whom you are adding.

Step – 4 – Close the tab after filling in the details successfully and wait for the Samagra ID to arrive on the new member’s mobile number.

How To Get Samagra ID by Family ID?

If you have forgotten your Samagra ID or do not know your Samagra ID, you can get it by Family ID.

Step – 1 – Visit and under Search Samagra ID, click Samagra Family and Member ID.

Samagra ID by Family ID

Step – 2 – On the next page, scroll down and click on the first link to land on a new page

Step – 3 – Here you will have to provide the Samagra Family ID and have to enter the captcha code correctly

Step – 4 – As you click on print, the print preview will display on the screen from which you can get your individual Samagra ID

How To Get Samagra ID by Member ID?

What happens when you do not know your Samagra Family ID also but know one of your Family Member ID? Here is the process through which you can get Samagra ID by Member ID.

Step – 1 – Click on Samagra Family and Member ID under Search Samagra ID on the portal.

Step – 2 – On the page that opens, scroll down and click on the 2nd clickable link.

Samagra ID by Member ID

Step – 3 – On the page that opens, enter the Samagra ID of the family member and enter the captcha to authenticate

Step – 4 – Click on the Print button to get a print preview from which you will get your Samagra Family ID

Step – 5 – Now, that you have got your Samagra Family ID, you can follow the steps mentioned above to get Samagra ID by Family ID.

How To Get Samagra ID by Member Name?

Now when you do not know the Samagra ID of your family as well as any of the members, then you can try searching your Samagra ID by Member Name.

Step – 1 – Go to the Samagra portal and go through Search Samgra Options 

Step – 2 – You will get a new page when you click on Samagra Family and Member ID.

Samagra ID by Member Name

Step – 3 – Scroll down this new page and click on the 3rd link provided that is to get Samagra ID by Member Name

Step – 4 –  Another new page will open with a form

Step – 5 – Fill up the blanks with the correct details such as member name, gender, address 

details, and others, and search to get your Samagra ID.

How To Get Samagra ID by Mobile Number?

Get your Samagra ID by your mobile number this way.

Step – 1 – Visit the official Samagra portal and under Search Samagra ID, click on By Mobile.

Step – 2 – A page will open to enter details and get Samagra ID.

Samagra ID by Mobile Number

Step – 3 – Enter any member’s mobile number and select the age group of that particular member.

Step – 4 – Enter the first two alphabets of the member’s name.

Step – 5 – Type the given captcha code and View.

The entire Samagra Family details will appear from which you can get your Samagra ID. 

How To Print Family Samagra Card?

Follow the below process to print Family Samagra Card.

Step – 1 – On the Samagra portal, under Register Samagra, click on Print Family Samagra Card.

Print Family Samagra Card

Step – 2 – On the page that appears, provide your Samagra Family ID and type the code carefully.

Step – 3 – Now click on Print Family Samagra Card to get a preview and to take a print.

How To Print Member Samagra Card?

In order to print Member Samagra Card, follow this method.

Step – 1 – Click on Print Member Samagra Card under Register Samagra on the official portal.

Print Member Samagra Card

Step – 2 – Provide your Member ID on the page that appears.

Step – 3 – Enter the code carefully.

Step – 4 – Click on Print to get a preview after which you can get a print of the card. 

Samagra ID Helpline Number

Samagra Portal offers a simple-to-do and easy-to-understand process. Also, if you are facing any confusion online, you can visit your nearest wards or authorities who are in charge of Samagra. 

Apart from this, you can get in touch with the authorities at the helpline number 0755-2700800. Also, you can email the authorities at For extreme cases, you can send an email to the Mission Director at 

Samagra ID Portal Link

Samagra ID Official WebsiteCheck Link
Samagra ID SearchCheck Link

FAQs – Samagra ID

Samagra Mission is launched by Madhya Pradesh Government so that all individuals can get benefitted from the schemes launched by the Government in a transparent way.

You can get registered on Samagra offline by visiting your nearing authorities in charge of Samagra or can even register online through the official website at

Yes, you should add members such as when a baby is born in the family or in case of marriage so that the new members can also enjoy the benefits of the Government schemes. At the same time, any death should be declared so that the name of the deceased can be removed from the scheme list of the Government.