UDISE Plus 2023: Portal, Login, Data Entry, Helpline Number

UDISE Plus 2023: Portal, Login, Data Entry, Helpline Number – Providing quality education to the children of a nation is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and precision in its execution. UDISE Plus is one such initiative by the Ministry of Education in India to boost quality planning and better decision-making. This article speaks in detail about the concept of UDISE Plus and related points. 

UDISE Plus 2023

UDISE Plus is one of the biggest MIS systems that have been started by the School Education and Literacy Department under the Ministry of Education. This MIS system has covered data in India of more than 14 lacs schools, 26 crores students, and 95 lacs faculties as per the academic year 2021-22. The data collection for the academic year 2022-2023 is in progress.

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UDISE Plus has collected data since 2018-2019 in real time from different recognized schools that have been offering formal education to children from pre-primary standards to Class XII. The data collected is measured, analyzed, and monitored so that it can be used in conducting proper planning for various activities such as resource allocation, coming up with efficient education models, and others. 

What is UDISE Plus?Management Information System for Schools in India
UDISE Plus Full FormUnified District Information System for Education Plus 
DepartmentDepartment of School Education and Literacy
MinistryMinistry of Education
Login ProfilesSchools, Teachers, and Students
UDISE Official Portaludiseplus.gov.in

What is UDISE Code?

When a school gets registered on UDISE Plus, a unique code is generated that is called UDISE Code. It will be an 11-digit code and here are some important features of the UDISE Code. 

  • The UDISE code will identify recognized schools from non-recognized schools that have been offering pre-primary to Class XII education in India.
  • The code attains the complete lifecycle of the school starting from the time the school was opened till the time when the school will close down in the future. 
  • UDISE will also work in four cycles and these are UDISE code generation, school details modification, UDISE status changes, and permanent closing of the school. 
  • Once the UDISE code is generated, it will remain permanent.
  • Allocation of the UDISE codes to each school will be strict. 

Both recognized and unrecognized schools can fetch their UDISE codes by contacting the MIS office. 

UDISE Plus Know Your School

UDISE Plus Know Your School is a module under UDISE Plus that allows you to retrieve information about a school that has been registered in the system. To get information about a school, this step can be followed. 

Step – 1 – Go to www.udiseplus.gov.in.

Step – 2 – Scroll down to Know Your School and click on the provided clickable link.

UDISE Know Your School

Step – 3 – On the Know Your School page, you can collect information in three different ways.

Step – 4 – When you select Search by UDISE Code, you just have to enter the UDISE Code of your school and the given captcha to proceed.

Step – 5 – To Search by Name, first select your state name and then the captcha.

Step – 6 – To Search by Pin Code, enter the pin and captcha codes to get the relevant information. 

UDISE Plus Login

There are several profiles for UDISE Plus Login and here are the details. 

UDISE Plus School Login

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of UDISE.

Step – 2 – Click on Login for All Modules on the Homepage.

Step – 3 – From various profiles that open up, click on Login for School tab.

UDISE Plus School login

Step – 4 – On the Login page, type User id and password.

Step – 5 – Type the captcha to log in. 

Step – 6 – Click on Forgot Password, to retrieve the password, if forgotten.

Step – 7 – On the continuing page, enter your user id, registered mobile number, and captcha to proceed and get your password. 

For school user registration and to update school user details also, you will have to land on the Login page and then have to click on the provided appropriate links accordingly. 

UDISE Plus Teacher Login

Step – 1 – Go to the official UDISE website and go to Login for All Modules.

Step – 2 – Click on the tab Login for Teachers from many displayed modules.

UDISE Plus Teacher Login

Step – 3 –  On the login page, enter the School UDISE id and password.

Step – 4 – Type the captcha next to login.

Step – 5 – To get back your forgotten password, go to the password retrieval page through Forgot Password link on the Login page.

Step – 6 – Provide user id, and registered mobile number and submit along with a captcha to get the password. 

UDISE Plus Student Login

Step – 1 – On the UDISE portal, click on Login for All Modules to land on the Login option for all modules.

Step – 2 – On the tab of Student Login, select your state from the given dropdown menu and then Go.

Step – 3 – Click on the name of the State on the next screen to proceed to the Login page.

UDISE Plus Student Login

Step – 4 – Here, type the user id, password, and captcha to login.

Step – 5 – Click on Forgot password to get your forgotten password. 

Step – 6 – To get your password, provide your user id and the mobile number that is registered.

Step – 7 – Type the displayed captcha and submit details to get your password. 

UDISE Plus Data Entry

UDISE Plus portal allows the users to access to the data, monitor it, and even enter new data as and when required. Here is the way to do it.

Step – 1 – Click on Login for All Modules on the official UDISE portal to reach the appropriate screen first.

Step – 2 – Here, you will get the tab for Data Entry under the current academic year on which you have to click.

UDISE Plus Data Entry

Step – 3 – On the Login page for DCF Data Entry and Monitor, provide the user id as the school’s UDISE code.

Step – 4 – Enter the password and captcha to Login.

Step – 5 – To get back your forgotten password, click on Forgot Password on the Login page.

Step – 6 – On the Forgot Password page, again provide the user id.

Step – 7 – Type the UDISE registered mobile number and captcha to access your password. 

Similarly, to check Reports of a particular academic year, click on the Reports tab provided just under the tab of Data Entry and follow a similar process to Login and proceed. 

UDISE Plus Helpline

You can check out the Contact Us section of the UDISE Portal to get across departments state-wise. Apart from this, you can contact the authorities from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm for any technical queries in different ways. 

Phone Numbers+91 9319571772, +91 9319437228
Whatsapp Numbers+91 9873962141, +91 7992328762, +91 9612780650

Also, you can call the Website Information Manager at (011) 24305493 or email at udiseplus-mhrd@gov.in.

UDISE Plus Important Link

UDISE Plus Official WebsiteCheck Link
UDISE Know Your SchoolCheck Link
UDISE Plus LoginCheck Link

FAQs – UDISE Portal

UDISE Plus is an MIS system that has been designed to monitor and analyze the data from different schools to plan strategies for having a better education system.

All the schools are provided with a UDISE code by the MIS office through which the schools, teachers, students, and other related users can log in to get details about the schools.

Yes, a merger of two schools is possible and you will have to contact your Block MIS for the same.