iPhone 14 Release Date – Features, Specifications, Launching Date

Apple iPhone 14 Release Date, Price and Features – Every year or two, the global brand Apple launches its updated smartphone model and the iPhone fans eagerly wait for it. Once again, there is speculation of a new model getting released by the brand and the fans are quite anxious to see what will unfold in the new iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14 Live Updates

The latest smartphone model from Apple is iPhone 13 that got released in the month of September this year. Based on the release of iPhone 13, it is being expected that the brand will released its next update iPhone 14 also by the same time next year in 2022.

While there are still rumours even about the iPhone 14 Launching Date, there are several leaks about the specifications and features also that the phone will have. The device should get launched in two models and these are iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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iPhone 14 Expected Specifications

While the iPhone 14 launch date is not released yet, many experts having been guessing different features and specifications that the phone model may have. Here are some of the features and specifications that the users might be able to see in their new model iPhone 14.

  • Dimensions:

There are many speculations being made about the size of the devices. It is being estimated that iPhone 14 Pro may come in a dimension of 6.1 inches with a screen size of 6.06 inches while iPhone 14 Pro Max may come in a dimension of 6.7 inches with a screen size of 6.68 inches.

  • Storage:

Another estimation that is being made is about the storage of the devices. As per the estimations being made, iPhone 14 Pro will come with 4 GB RAM and an internal storage of 64 GM. On the other hand iPhone 14 Pro Max may come with 6 GB RAM and an internal storage of 256 GB.

  • Camera:

Leaked information from sources has been coming that Apple will be offering a drastic improvement to its camera. As per the information, the new devices may come with a camera that may range from 12 MP to as higher as 48 MP resolutions.

  • Battery:

The devices may come with battery strength of 3115 mAh.

iPhone 14 Expected Features

Apart from the estimated features, there are certain leaked details that have been coming from different sources from time to time along with the news about iPhone 14 release date. Here are some of the updates that have been coming from various sources.

As per the leaked information from various source, Apple may replace the lightning port of the upcoming devices with Type C port.

  • It is also expected that the camera bump on the device will be removed to get primary sensors.
  • Also, many experts are saying that the upcoming devices may come up with punch hole design display. This is a specification that is never seen in any of the Apple devices before this.
  • The upcoming devices of IPhone 14 may also have in-display fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 14 Price and Release Date

As iPhone 13 got released in the month of September 2021, there are high chances that the devices iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max was announced on the 7th of September 2022 by holding the official event and there is an expectation that it will be available across the global market within the current month of September 2022 including USA, India, etc. Earlier, there was a rumor from some of the top gadget review sites that it will be released on or by 31st October 2022.

Official Announcement of iPhone 14: 7th September 2022

Expected Release Date of iPhone 14: 16th September 2022

Similar to many other rumoured features and estimated iPhone 14 launch date in India, there are also speculations about the price of the devices. As of now, the experts are estimated that the price of iPhone 14 Pro may be somewhere around 75k to 80k and the price of iPhone 14 Pro Max may go somewhere around 1.19k to 1.20k in India. But these are all speculations and the actual details about the devices will be known only when the brand discloses them next year.

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