IPL 2021 New Schedule, Date, Points Table, Venue, Channel

IPL 2021 New Schedule, Date, Venue, Points Table is ready to check here as the BCCI has officially released the new schedule for IPL Season 14. IPL’s new date 2021 is out and the cricket lovers are anxious enough to know the dates. It was due to the COVID conditions that BCCI earlier postponed the IPL matches. But soon enough after a recent meeting, the board has taken a firm decision to resume with the matches. On July 25, the BCCI has made a big announcement by releasing the new schedule of IPL 14 for remaining matches.

Indian Premier League is something for which people wait the entire year. Now, it definitely seems to be disappointing news is the season does not take place. Fortunately, the IPL season this year is all set to happen.

IPL 2021 Schedule

This year, quite a number of cricketers and BCCI members got infected with COVID during the IPL season. Such a thing happened even when the entire team took an extreme number of precautions. Hence, this time, BCCI had to pause the game in between, keeping in mind the health of the cricketers as well as the fellow members.

In view of this, on 4th May 2021, BCCI announced the postponement of the ongoing IPL 2021 match this year. The matches started in the month of April and were supposed to continue till the month of May. But soon, this sad news was followed by a good one when on 29th May 2021, BCCI held another Special General Meeting. In this meeting, the board decided that the remaining matches can resume soon from the month of September 2021. Also, the board has declared that the remaining matches should be played in UAE.

IPL 2021 Schedule Release Date

As per many of the sports news agencies and sources, 19th September 2021 is the estimated date from when the IPL matches can resume. Now, BCCI has not confirmed yet the starting date. But hopefully, soon it will declare the actual dates and the final IPL 2021 Schedule.

Once again, the leftover matches for IPL 14 will be played in UAE. Hence, watching them live in the field will be difficult. Of course, as the world of getting strict actions against COVID, it may not be possible to get tickets also for the matches. Hence, one of the best ways will be to relax at your home with your cup of coffee and enjoy the matches from the comfort of your living room couch.

IPL 2021 New Venue

Earlier, the IPL matches were all set to be played in 6 venues of India and these were in the cities Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bengaluru. But then the matches got paused in the middle due to the Covid condition. Now, as the cases of the infection are in a bad shape in India, BCCI has sorted out a new venue to conduct the remaining matches.

The remaining 31 matches of IPL will get conducted in Dubai. Prior to this, several estimations were being made about the IPL to take place in other countries such as England, Sri Lanka, or Australia. But now BCCI has confirmed that the remaining matches of IPL will finally take place in the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

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IPL 2021 New Schedule

Here is the list of the complete schedule of IPL 14 out of which 29 matches were successfully played in India while the leftover 31 matches going to play in the United Arab Emirates on the new schedule that will be soon released by the BCCI. As per the IPL 2021 Date released by BCCI, the matches will be restart from 19th September 2021 and the final match of IPL 14 will be played on 10th October 2021.

No. Match Date Venue
30 CSK vs Mumbai Indians 19-Sep-21 Dubai
31 KKR vs RCB 20-Sep-21 Abu Dhabi
32 PBKS vs RR 21-Sep-21 Dubai
33 Delhi Capitals vs SRH 22-Sep-21 Dubai
34 Mumbai Indians vs KKR 23-Sep-21 Abu Dhabi
35 RCB vs CSK 24-Sep-21 Sharjah
36 Delhi Capitals vs RR 25-Sep-21 Abu Dhabi
37 SRH vs PBKS 25-Sep-21 Sharjah
38 CSK vs KKR 26-Sep-21 Abu Dhabi
39 RCB vs Mumbai Indians 26-Sep-21 Dubai
40 SRH vs RR 27-Sep-21 Dubai
41 KKR vs Delhi Capitals 28-Sep-21 Sharjah
42 Mumbai Indians vs PBKS 28-Sep-21 Abu Dhabi
43 RR vs RCB 29-Sep-21 Dubai
44 SRH vs CSK 30-Sep-21 Sharjah
45 KKR vs PBKS 01-Oct-21 Dubai
46 Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals 02-Oct-21 Sharjah
47 RR vs CSK 02-Oct-21 Abu Dhabi
48 RCB vs PBKS 03-Oct-21 Sharjah
49 KKR vs SRH 03-Oct-21 Dubai
50 Delhi Capitals vs CSK 04-Oct-21 Dubai
51 RR vs Mumbai Indians 05-Oct-21 Sharjah
52 RCB vs SRH 06-Oct-21 Abu Dhabi
53 CSK vs PBKS 07-Oct-21 Dubai
54 KKR vs RR 07-Oct-21 Sharjah
55 SRH vs Mumbai Indians 08-Oct-21 Abu Dhabi
56 RCB vs Delhi Capitals 08-Oct-21 Dubai
57 1st Qualifier 10-Oct-21 Dubai
58 Eliminator 11-Oct-21 Sharjah
59 2nd Qualifier 13-Oct-21 Sharjah
60 Final 15-Oct-21 Dubai

IPL 2021 Played Matches Schedule

The below is the list of IPL Matches that is already played in Indian Cricket Stadium and the result for the same already indicated at the IPL Points Table 2021.

No. Match Date Venue
1 Mumbai Indians vs RCB 09-Apr-21 Chennai
2 CSK vs Delhi Capitals 10-Apr-21 Mumbai
3 SRH vs KKR 11-Apr-21 Chennai
4 RR vs PBKS 12-Apr-21 Mumbai
5 KKR vs Mumbai Indians 13-Apr-21 Chennai
6 SRH vs RCB 14-Apr-21 Chennai
7 RR vs Delhi Capitals 15-Apr-21 Mumbai
8 PBKS vs CSK 16-Apr-21 Mumbai
9 Mumbai Indians vs SRH 17-Apr-21 Chennai
10 RCB vs KKR 18-Apr-21 Chennai
11 Delhi Capitals vs PBKS 18-Apr-21 Chennai
12 CSK vs RR 19-Apr-21 Mumbai
13 Delhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians 20-Apr-21 Chennai
14 PBKS vs SRH 21-Apr-21 Chennai
15 KKR vs CSK 21-Apr-21 Mumbai
16 RCB vs RR 22-Apr-21 Mumbai
17 PBKS vs Mumbai Indians 23-Apr-21 Chennai
18 RR vs KKR 24-Apr-21 Mumbai
19 CSK vs RCB 25-Apr-21 Mumbai
20 SRH vs Delhi Capitals 25-Apr-21 Chennai
21 PBKS vs KKR 26-Apr-21 Ahmedabad
22 Delhi Capitals vs RCB 27-Apr-21 Ahmedabad
23 CSK vs SRH 28-Apr-21 Delhi
24 Mumbai Indians vs RR 29-Apr-21 Delhi
25 Delhi Capitals vs KKR 29-Apr-21 Ahmedabad
26 PBKS vs RCB 30-Apr-21 Ahmedabad
27 Mumbai Indians vs CSK 01-May-21 Delhi
28 RR vs SRH 02-May-21 Delhi
29 PBKS vs Delhi Capitals 02-May-21 Ahmedabad

IPL 2021 Points Table

As we all know that the half of the IPL 14 matches already played at the Indian Cricket Stadium and you can see the statistics of all teams to know how they perform in the current season of the Indian Premier League 2021. As more than 20 matches are yet to play for the current league in the UAE so the movements in the ranking will be seen in the IPL Points Table once the season resumed at UAE grounds.

Team Matches Won Lost Draw PTS
DC 8 6 2 0 12
CSK 7 5 2 0 10
RCB 7 5 2 0 10
MI 7 4 3 0 8
RR 7 3 4 0 6
PBKS 8 3 5 0 6
KKR 7 2 5 0 4
SRH 7 1 6 0 2

As per the IPL rules, the top 4 teams in the IPL Points Table will be qualified for the Semi-Finals. The semi-final matches divided into two parts in which first semi-final called Qualifier-1 played between the 1st and 2nd ranked team while the Eliminator match played between the 3rd and 4th ranked team. In the Qualifier-1 round, the winner team directly qualified for the IPL Final while the losing team will play against the winning team of the Eliminator round to decide the 2nd finalist team of the IPL. So we can say that the Qualifier-1 team getting an additional chance to get a space in the IPL Final if they win in the Eliminator round. The IPL trophy will be given to the team that wins in the Final match and the cash prize also given to them.

How To Watch IPL Match Free?

If you wish to watch IPL matches for free, there several applications available now that you can download applications such as AOS TV and Oreo TV. If you are not in the favour of downloading applications on your smartphone, you can even use the streaming platform Twitch to watch the IPL matches for free.

If you are searching online, you will come to know about several such applications and streaming platforms that is streaming IPL matches. But among all, the AOS and Oreo are quite popular among the audience who wish to enjoy the IPL matches for free. If you are getting some other applications for watching the matches for free, make sure to go through the ratings and reviews on Google Playstore before installing them.

IPL 2021 Live Streaming Channels

If you wish to enjoy IPL live with your family members and friend, then one of the finest options is to watch it on the TV channel Star Sports. You can check out the matches on different options of Star Sports such as Star Sports English, Star Sports Hindi, and Star Sports HD.

You can also enjoy the match live if you have subscribed to Hotstar on your television. Even if you have a television subscription to Airtel, Reliance Jio, or VI, you can get the cricket plan and can enjoy watching all the IPL matches on your television.

Last year, DD News also telecasted all the IPL live matches on television. This year no such news has come whether this national channel is going to stream the matches for the audience or not. Till then, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy IPL if you have got any of the channels from Star Sports Network.

IPL 2021 Live Streaming Apps

If you are not privileged to watch the matches on TV, you can definitely do so on your smartphone. To do so, you just need to have Disney+Hotstar on your smartphone. It is one of the most popular applications in India through which many viewers enjoy IPL matches by subscribing to premium plans.

But apart from the application Disney+Hotstar; now there are also many other applications available through which you can watch the matches. These applications are:

  • Airtel TV
  • Jio TV
  • Willow TV
  • Yupp TV

You need to subscribe to these applications with a minimum monthly rental to enjoy your matches.

Of course, there are many free application options available such as the ones that we mentioned in this article earlier. But if you wish to enjoy the quality and ad-free matches, then it is always an ideal thought to get these applications on your smartphone.

YouTube is another option that you can check out to get the match videos. Though you will get most of the videos, you cannot see them live. You can prefer to make use of YouTube to watch highlights or special incidences. Of course, a match lover will always wish to watch the matches live.

Not just the Indians but also people across different parts of the world are waiting for the IPL to get started. Though estimations of date are making rounds lately, BCCI has made clear about the venue. So, we should be soon getting a final schedule from the board too based on which matches will actually resume in Dubai.

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