ISL 2022 Fixtures, Schedule, Points Table, Teams, Channel

ISL 2022 Fixtures, Schedule, Points Table, Teams, Channel – Indian Super League or better known as ISL has already started. All the people who are in love with the game of football have been waiting for the start of ISL season. Now when the matches have started in full fledge, viewers have been watching them anxiously and also waiting for the upcoming schedules.

ISL 2022

The journey of the Indian Super League started way back in the year 2014. ISL 2022 is the eighth season and the matches have already started for which the fans have been waiting for so long.

ISL 2022 is partnered with some of the big brand names and these are Hero, Apollo Tyres, Byju’s, Pari Match News, Nivia, Dream11, Terra Virtua, Arena, All India Football Federation, Reliance, Star, and Premier League.

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ISL Schedule 2022

The matches of ISL Season 8 have already started from 19th November 2021. The matches will last till 9th January 2022 and the matches are scheduled in different locations across the country. The detailed list of all the matches, their timings, and venues can be checked from ISL Fixtures 2021-22.

The matches will get conducted at different venues in Goa and the list of different venues of ISL 2021-22 are as follows:

  • JLN Stadium, Fatorda
  • Tilak Maidan Stadium, Vasco da Gama
  • Athletic Stadium, Bambolim
  • PJN Stadium, Fatorda

The matches will take place on the scheduled dates between the two teams that have been planned as per the table. All the matches will start from evening 7:30 PM.

ISL Fixtures 2022

Here is a full fixtures of ISL Season 2021-22.

No. Match Date Time Venue
1 ATK vs Kerala 19-Nov-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
2 Bengaluru vs NorthEast United 20-Nov-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
3 Bengal vs Jamshedpur 21-Nov-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
4 Mumbai City vs Goa 22-Nov-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
5 Hyderabad vs Chennaiyin 23-Nov-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
6 Odisha vs Bengaluru 24-Nov-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
7 NorthEast United vs Kerala 25-Nov-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
8 Goa vs Jamshedpur 26-Nov-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
9 Bengal vs ATK 27-Nov-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
10 Mumbai vs Hyderabad 27-Nov-21 09:30 PM Fatorda
11 Bengaluru vs Kerala 28-Nov-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
12 NorthEast United vs Chennaiyin 29-Nov-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
13 Odisha vs Bengal 30-Nov-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
14 ATK vs Mumbai 01-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
15 Jamshedpur vs Hyderabad 02-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
16 Chennaiyin vs Bengal 03-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
17 NorthEast United vs Goa 04-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
18 Bengaluru vs Mumbai 04-Dec-21 09:30 PM Bambolim
19 Kerala FC vs Odisha 05-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
20 Jamshedpur vs ATK 06-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
21 Bengal vs Goa 07-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
22 Hyderabad vs Bengaluru 08-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
23 Mumbai vs Jamshedpur 09-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
24 Odisha vs NorthEast United 10-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
25 ATK vs Chennaiyin 11-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
26 Goa vs Bengaluru 11-Dec-21 09:30 PM Bambolim
27 Bengal vs Kerala 12-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
28 Hyderabad vs NorthEast United 13-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
29 Odisha vs Jamshedpur 14-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
30 Mumbai vs Chennaiyin 15-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
31 Bengaluru vs ATK 16-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
32 NorthEast United vs Bengal 17-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
33 Chennaiyin vs Odisha 18-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
34 Goa vs Hyderabad 18-Dec-21 09:30 PM Bambolim
35 Mumbai vs Kerala 19-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
36 Jamshedpur vs Bengaluru 20-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
37 NorthEast United vs ATK 21-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
38 Chennaiyin vs Kerala 22-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
39 Hyderabad vs Bengal 23-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
40 Odisha vs Goa 24-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
41 Kerala vs Jameshedpur 26-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
42 NorthEast United vs Mumbai 27-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
43 Hyderabad vs Odisha 28-Dec-21 07:30 PM Bambolim
44 ATK vs Goa 29-Dec-21 07:30 PM Fatorda
45 Chennaiyin vs Bengaluru 30-Dec-21 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
46 Kerala vs Goa 02-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
47 Jamshedpur vs Chennaiyin 02-Jan-22 09:30 PM Bambolim
48 Odisha vs Mumbai 03-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
49 Bengaluru vs Bengal 04-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
50 ATK vs Hyderabad 05-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
51 Jamshedpur vs NorthEast United 06-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
52 Bengal vs Mumbai 07-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
53 ATK vs Odisha 08-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
54 Goa vs Chennaiyin 08-Jan-22 09:30 PM Bambolim
55 Kerala vs Hyderabad 09-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
56  Mumbai vs Bengaluru 10-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
57  Jamshedpur vs Bengal 11-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
58  Odisha vs Kerala 12-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
59  Chennaiyin vs Hyderabad 13-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
60  Goa vs NorthEast United 14-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
61  ATK vs Bengaluru 15-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
62  Kerala vs Mumbai 16-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
63  Hyderabad vs Jamshedpur 17-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
64  NorthEast United vs Odisha 18-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
65  Goa vs Bengal 19-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
66  Kerala vs ATK 20-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
67  Jamshedpur vs Mumbai 21-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
68  Chennaiyin vs NorthEast United 22-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
69  Bengaluru vs Goa 23-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
70  Bengal vs Hyderabad 24-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
71  Mumbai vs NorthEast United 25-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
72  Bengaluru vs Chennaiyin 26-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
73  Odisha vs Hyderabad 27-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
74  Jamshedpur vs Goa 28-Jan-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
75  ATK vs Bengal 29-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
76  Kerala vs Bengaluru 30-Jan-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
77  NorthEast United vs Hyderabad 31-Jan-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
78  Goa vs Odisha 01-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
79  Bengal vs Chennaiyin 02-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
80  Mumbai vs ATK 03-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
81  Kerala vs NorthEast United 04-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
82  Bengaluru vs Jamshedpur 05-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
83  Chennaiyin vs Mumbai 06-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
84  Bengal vs Odisha 07-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
85  Hyderabad vs ATK 08-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
86  NorthEast United vs Bengaluru 09-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
87  Chennaiyin vs Goa 10-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
88  Jamshedpur vs Kerala 11-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
89  Mumbai vs Bengal 12-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
90  Odisha vs ATK 13-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
91  Hyderabad vs Goa 14-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
92  Kerala vs Chennaiyin 15-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
93  ATK vs Jamshedpur 16-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
94  Bengaluru vs Odisha 17-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
95  Bengal vs NorthEast United 18-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
96  Hyderabad vs Kerala 19-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
97  Goa vs Mumbai 20-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
98  Chennaiyin vs ATK 21-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
99  Jamshedpur vs Odisha 22-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
100  Bengal vs Bengaluru 23-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
101  Hyderabad vs Mumbai 24-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
102  Goa vs ATK 25-Feb-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
103  Odisha vs Chennaiyin 26-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
104  NorthEast United vs Jamshedpur 27-Feb-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
105  Kerala vs Bengal 28-Feb-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
106  Bengaluru vs Hyderabad 01-Mar-22 07:30 PM Bambolim
107  Mumbai vs Odisha 02-Mar-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
108  Chennaiyin vs Jamshedpur 03-Mar-22 07:30 PM Vasco da Gama
109  ATK vs NorthEast United 04-Mar-22 07:30 PM Fatorda
110  Goa vs Kerala 05-Mar-22 07:30 PM Bambolim

ISL Teams 2022

Total 11 teams are participating in ISL Season 8 and these teams are:

ATK Mohun Bagan FC Hyderabad FC
Bengaluru FC Jamshedpur FC
Chennaiyin FC Kerala Blaster
East Bengal Mumbai City FC
FC Goa NorthEast United FC

Odisha FC

ISL Points Table 2022

The Points table declares the points earned by each team that declares which on the winning edge. Now, the points of the team will keep on changing every day depending upon the performance of the teams. Hence, in order to understand which team has earned how many points, you need to stick to the matches and the points table.

Rank Team Matches Won Lost Draw PTS
1 Kerala 11 5 1 5 20
2 Jamshedpur 11 5 2 4 19
3 Hyderabad 11 4 2 5 17
4 Mumbai 11 5 4 2 17
5 Odisha 11 5 5 1 16
6 ATK 9 4 2 3 15
7 Chennaiyin 11 4 4 3 15
8 Bengaluru 11 3 4 4 13
9 Goa 12 3 5 4 13
10 Bengal 12 1 5 6 9
11 NorthEast United 12 2 7 3 9

Now in order to know the points, you have to understand how the points table actually works.

As per the ISL Fixtures, total 115 matches will be played in the season 2021-22. Among these 115 matches, the first 110 matches will be league matches that all the teams have to play. Altogether, each team has to play 20 matches irrespective of whether they are winning or losing in the matches. Based on these league matches, the clubs or the teams will be offered points as below-mentioned.

Win – 3 points

Draw – 1 point

Loss – 0 point

After all the 110 league matches are complete, the calculation of the points for all the teams will be done. The top 4 teams who have gained the highest points will enter playoff matches. Soon, these four teams will participate in the 5 playoff matches and the team that will win the highest number of points will win the ISL League Winners Shield.

In case there is a tie between 2 teams, the winner team will be declared based on a number of factors such as highest goals scored during the league matches, highest points earned in between head-to-head rounds of the clubs, and others.

ISL Live Streaming Channels

Star is the official telecaster of ISL 2021-22. Thus, interested individuals can watch the matches on Star Sports. You can choose the Star Sports channel of your region and language such as Star Sports Bangla, Star Sports Kannada, or similar others to enjoy the matches of your favourite teams at your convenient languages too. Also, the fans can watch the live matches on Disney Hotstar as well as on Jio TV.

ISL Live Streaming Apps

Apart from watching the matches live, you can also watch the matches of the backdated time on the application Disney Hotstar at your convenient timing. You can install Disney Hotstar on your smartphone and can watch all the matches according to your schedule.

FAQs – ISL 2022

Who is the best player in ISL?

As of now Hugo Boumous from team ATK Mohun Bagan and Igor Angulo from Mumbai City FC are the best players in ISL with 2 points each.

Which is the best team in ISL?

According to the current matches that have taken place this season, Mumbai City, ATK Mohun Bagan, Bengaluru FC, and Chennaiyin FC are the best teams with 3 points each.

Which team has the most fans in ISL?

The Kerala Blaster is the most widely supported team in ISL not just in India but also in different parts of the Asian Continent.

Who is the best goalkeeper in ISL?

The top five goalkeepers in ISL are TP Rehenesh, Subrata Paul, Amrinder Singh, Arindam Bhattacharya, and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu.

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