Jammu and Kashmir e Pass Apply Online, Registration, Status

Jammu and Kashmir e Pass Apply Online at Jammu.nic.in – Jammu & Kashmir Government has extended its lockdown in the state, seeing the rising cases of COVID infection. The state was already under curfew but now it has been extended to 15th June 2021. In fact, the State Government has tightened upon the restrictions in order to maintain an even stricter curfew this time.

In midst of the curfew, the Government has also thought about the emergency situations that the citizens might face during this time. Hence, the Jammu ePass has been introduced for the individuals who may have to move during the curfew out of emergency. Such individuals just have to visit the official website and have to apply for the ePass by offering a valid purpose.

Name of the State Jammu
Type of Lockdown Lockdown with some relaxation
Lockdown Status in Jammu Till 15th June 2021
Type of Pass COVID-19 Corona Curfew Movement ePass
Method of Application Online
Official Authority Government of Jammu & Kashmir
Official Portal www.jammu.nic.in/covid19/

Who is Eligible for Jammu & Kashmir e Pass?

There are some categories mentioned who are eligible for applying to the Jammu and Kashmir ePass. These are:

  • Medical Emergency
  • Death
  • Hospitalization of a family member
  • Home Delivery of Essentials
  • Government Essentials

Also, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has come up with an innovative way to help the applications whether they are eligible for the ePass or not. The individuals first can take a small test online that will help in knowing whether they are eligible for the ePass or not. Based on this test, they can apply for the ePass accordingly.

So, are you eligible for the ePass? Follow these steps to know.

Step – 1 – Visit the site jammu.nic.in/covid19/.

Step – 2 – Here, click on District Jammu ePass Service that will take you to another page.

Step – 3 – On this page, under the section Apply for Epass, click on the option Track Your ePass Status.

Step – 4 – Now, click on Eligibility on this new page that have come up.

Step – 5 – Complete the online quest by providing proper details.

Soon, the result will come up stating whether you are eligible for the ePass or not.

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How to Apply for Jammu and Kashmir e Pass?

Individuals who need to move for emergency or the ones who are moving for essential services can apply for the Jammu and Kashmir ePass by following these steps.

Step – 1 – Visit the site https://jammu.nic.in/covid19/ first.

Step – 2 – Here you have to click on the tab District Jammu ePass Service that will redirect you to a new page on a new tab.

Step – 3 – On this page, under Apply for ePass, you have to click on the option ‘Click here to apply for ePass’.

Step – 4 – Another page will open up on another tab that will have the application form.

Step – 5 – Here, first select your district.

Step – 6 – Fill in your personal details.

Step – 7 –  Next, either select a photograph file from the device or click on the camera icon to click a picture of yours.

Step – 8 – Now, select any of the ID proof and provide the ID card number.

Step – 9 – Provide your address details.

Step – 10 – Fill in the details of the vehicle through which you will be traveling.

Step – 11 – Tick on the self-declaration box.

Step – 12 – Provide the captcha code.

Step – 13 – Click on Submit.

You should get a confirmation message on the screen along with the registration or application number that you have to note down and keep carefully. The confirmation message will also come on your registered mobile number in the form of SMS. Keep this SMS carefully as you can require the information for future references.

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How to Track Status for Jammu and Kashmir e Pass?

If you have already applied for the Jammy and Kashmir ePass, you can track the status of the ePass so that you can download it and go ahead with your travel plans. Follow these steps for the process of tracking.

Step – 1 – Once again visit the official portal at www.jammu.nic.in/covid19/.

Step – 2 – Again, follow the same procedure of click on the District Jammu ePass Service on the Homepage.

Step – 3 – Under the subhead Apply for ePass on the next page, you will get Track Your ePass on which you need to click.

Step – 4 – On the next page, you will get the link to Track Application that you have to click.

Step – 5 – A box will open where you have to select whether you wish to track through application number or through OTP.

Step – 6 – Now fill the details as per the selection that you have made earlier.

Step – 7 – Now, submit the details after offering the captcha code.

Soon, the status of the ePass will be displayed on your screen. If the ePass has got approved, you should wait for the email with your ePass. If it has got declined, you need to apply once again carefully this time.

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Important Documents for Jammu and Kashmir e Pass

You need to keep these important documents handy while applying for the Jammu and Kashmir ePass application.

  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Epic ID
  • Indian Passport
  • Government Identity Card
  • Other Government Document

Important Instructions for Jammu and Kashmir e Pass

The applicants and the citizens need to follow the important instructions and guidelines carefully while they are applying for the Jammu and Kashmir ePass application.

  • The applicants will get the ePass only through email after the application has successfully got approved by the authorities.
  • The scanned image that you are uploading should be between 20KB to 200KB.
  • If the application gets rejected, you will get an SMS on the mobile number that you have registered with the website for applying for the ePass.

Jammu and Kashmir Curfew

Initially, the curfew in Jammu and Kashmir was about to last till 24th May 2021. But with the continuous increase in the COVID cases, the Government of J&K extended the curfew now till 31st May 2021. Earlier, there were major restrictions even when the curfew was one. It seems that due to the ineffectiveness of the last curfew, the Government has decided to extend the curfew and now with much stricter guidelines. Here are the new guidelines for the lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Only essential stores and services will be allowed to stay open and move during the curfew.
  • The number of guests and participants in events such as marriages has been reduced down to 25.
  • Armed forces have blocked many of the roads through barricades so that no one can move unnecessarily.
  • The forces are also working on removing gatherings from the roads or public areas, wherever and whenever noticed.
  • Transportation of essential services or in case of emergency, Jammu and Kashmir ePass will be required to get the allowance to move or travel.

Make sure to fill in the details very carefully while applying for the ePass to avoid rejections. Also, apply for the ePass only if it is extremely urgent. The ePass facility has been introduced for helping those in distress and should not be taken advantage of.

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