Jan Soochna Portal Rajasthan 2023: jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in

Jan Soochna Portal Rajasthan is a perfect example of that platform that practices the Right to Information. Rajasthan Government developed this portal in 2019 to offer all the possible information on different departmental schemes in the State. The portal explains the different scheme details and audits of departments and corporations in simpler language for the benefit of the general public in Rajasthan.

The clause of the Public Accountability Act was passed on the State Budget 2019-2020. The Jan Soochan Portal came up in accordance with the clause in which the departments, corporations, and authorities of the State mention different scheme details that are being launched by the state. This initiative has been taken especially to maintain transparency of the State Government schemes in front of the commoners of Rajasthan.

Jan Soochan Portal Rajasthan

The dashboard of the Jan Soochna Portal Rajasthan consists of a number of elements. Users need to visit the portal at https://jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in to get information on schemes and departments in different ways.

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Jan Soochna Portal Rajasthan

Information of Scheme

When you select this tab, you will come across various schemes that are launched by the Rajasthan Government under various departments. You will have to select the right department and the scheme under the department to get proper information about it. Some of the essential information that you will gain is the rules of the scheme, the documents required for the scheme, and the application process.

Beneficiaries of Schemes

This tab will show you whether you are a beneficiary in the scheme that you wish to avail of or not. Here also, you need to select the right department and the scheme to get the beneficiary list of those who are eligible for the scheme.

Scheme Eligibility

This is an extremely essential section where you can know whether you are eligible to apply for a particular scheme or not. For checking your eligibility, you will have to provide your Jan Adhaar Number and then have to select the department to check the schemes for which you are eligible.

Scheme Penetration:

If you are not aware of the schemes available, you can get to know about them by selecting the Scheme Penetration tab on the homepage of the portal. Here, you have to provide your Jan Adhaar Number and then have to select the department to check the schemes that are being announced under the particular department for the current year.

Apart from these important elements, the Jan Soochna Portal Rajasthan also showcases many other elements and tabs for the commoners of the state.

  • You will find the bulletin section in the form of an e-bulletin as well as a video bulletin to get information about the latest happenings such as job fairs, the launch of a new scheme, and others.
  • At the bottom of the portal dashboard, you will also come across various important links such as Covid info, Chiranjeevi Rajasthan, DIPR, and many others.
  • You will get helpline options as well as the contact details of various departmental officers for your help.

Jan Suuchna Helpline

Users can call on the toll-free contact number 18001806127 to register a complaint or to get help. Also, you can send an email to jansoochna@rajasthan.gov.in. Also, the users can click on the option of Filing a Complaint.

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