KSP Clear Pass Online Apply Portal (Registration, Validity, Rules)

KSP Clear Pass Application and Status – Last year in the month of March, Karnataka Government launched the KSP Clear Pass in light of the COVID-19 situation. When the State Government has imposed lockdown and curfew, it is forbidden for the citizens to move out freely outside the house. But there are many such people who may have to go out for essential work activities. The Government has come up with a solution of offering KSP clear passes to individuals who need to go out of their houses to emergency or essential services during the lockdown period.

Latest Update – As the 14 days lockdown coming to end on June 7, The Government of Karnataka imposed another one-week-long complete lockdown from 24th May 2021 to 7th June 2021 to 14th June 2021 which will be stricter than before. It can be extended more after considering the situation in the state. It is noted that the partial lockdown was imposed earlier in the state of Karnataka from April 27 to June 7 but it was not enough to slow down the rising cases of covid in the state.

Name of the State Karnataka
Type of Lockdown Coronavirus-induced restrictions
Lockdown Status in Karnataka Till 15th June 2021
Type of Pass KSP Clear Pass
Method of Application Online
Official Authority Government of Karnataka
Official Portal www.kspclearpass.mygate.com

KSP Clear Pass

KSP Clear Pass is mainly an e-pass that is being provided by the Karnataka Government for those individuals who need to move out for essential activities during the lockdown in the state. While earlier, offline passes were being provided to the individuals, it was soon alerted on 28th March 2020 that the individuals need to collect KSP Clear passes online through the site of MyGate.

Important Note – As of now the online portal of KSP Clear Pass is unavailable or offline right now so you are requested to wait for some time as we expect that the portal will be resumed from 12th May 2021. Meanwhile, you can also connect with the government officials through offline mode for the issue of the KSP pass.

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Who can Apply for KSP Clear Pass?

Not everyone can apply for the KSP Clear Pass. There are several conditions under which these categories can apply for KSP Clear Pass.

  • Organizations:

Organizations and companies have to apply for KSP Clear Pass for their workers in case of essential services.

  • Vehicle Owners:

Similarly, only vehicles that are engaged in offering essential services to the public can only apply for KSP Clear Pass.

  • Individuals:

Individuals who have to travel to some other state for an emergency purpose may also apply for the KSP Clear Pass. But whether they will be allowed to cross the borders or not will depend upon the weightage of their reason and the authorities of the other state. Also, individuals who have a family member admitted to the hospital can also apply for the pass.

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How To Apply for KSP Clear Pass?

Individuals and corporate sectors have to follow these steps to apply for KSP Clear Pass.

Step – 1 – The very first step is to visit the official website of obtaining the KSP Clear Pass by clicking on the link https://kspclearpass.mygate.com/signup.

Step – 2 – Here, you have to sign-up using your mobile number.

Step – 3 – Follow the upcoming steps accordingly to apply for the type of pass that you wish to get.

Step – 4 – Select the date and time during which you need to stay out.

Step – 5 – When the KSP Clear Pass is approved, it will get linked with the mobile number that you have provided.

Important e Passes:

Important Points about KSP Clear Pass

Here are some of the important pointers that you should keep note of while getting the KSP Clear Pass.

  • The pass will have the time duration in which the individual is permitted to stay outside the house.
  • After the time mentioned on the pass lapses, the pass also gets expired and the individual has to apply for a new one if required once again.
  • The pass will have a unique QR code that will enable the police authorities to validate whether the pass is authentic or not.
  • If the pass is rejected somehow by the police authorities, you have to go back home and cannot proceed further to the place where you were going first.

Individuals, as well as corporate sectors who have applied for the KSP Clear Pass, need to abide by these rules strictly.

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KSP Clear Pass Application Rules

Individuals, as well as corporate sectors who have applied for the KSP Clear Pass, need to abide by these rules strictly.

  • For Individuals

Individuals who wish to apply for the pass need to follow these eminent rules.

  • Each individual who needs to go out of the home during the curfew, needs to mandatory get an e-pass.
  • You need to use just the KSP Clear Pass application for getting the e-pass.
  • If you wish to go out along with your vehicle, you also have to upload your aadhar number while applying for the pass.
  • You can download the e-pass on your smartphone only when the police have approved it.
  • You also need to carry a proper photo identity card along with the e-pass.

Do read and follow each of the rules carefully so you don’t face any difficulties to during lockdown with your KSP clear pass.

  • For Corporate Sector

Here are some of the important rules that the corporate sectors need to abide by in the case of the KSP Clear Pass application.

  • The local authorities will decide upon the number of e-passes that will be issued to each corporate office in that area.
  • The e-passes are not transferable and have to be used only by the person for whom it has been issued.
  • The e-pass will not allow the movement of inter-state.
  • The employees of the corporate office need to carry a valid identity card provided by the company and an identity card from the Government along with the e-pass.

Where We Need KSP Clear Pass?

Individuals residing in the state of Karnataka will have to apply for a KSP Clear Pass for various situations. Here are the types of applicants who have to apply for the KSP Clear Pass.

  • Ration shops and other shops selling necessary items such as dairy, groceries, vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, and animal fodder.
  • Important offices such as that of insurances, banks, and other essential financial hubs.
  • Authorities offering essential telecommunication services such as internet, IT help, cable services, and others.
  • Outlets for power generation and distribution, LPG, and gas.
  • Delivery personnel for delivery of essential items such as food, medicines, and others.
  • Warehousing and cold storage services.
  • Essential retailers such as bakeries and confectionaries.

Where We Don’t Need Karnataka ePass?

There are some categories that are exhibited from this rule and do not need Karnataka ePass to move around during the lockdown. Here is a list of such categories.

  • Government Officials:

Government officials who are performing essential services such as police, postal service, healthcare, and others will not require a pass but need to carry their authorized identity card.

  • Medical Professionals:

Medical professionals of the Government sector, as well as private sectors, will not require a pass if they have a proper identity card with them stating about their profession.

  • Private Security Professionals:

Apart from the police and armed forces, even the private security professionals, as well as personnel, will not have to obtain a pass if they have a valid identity card with them to prove their occupation.

  • Media Personnel:

Media personnel who are engaged in the task of covering news and similar activities will be also free from the mandatory pass obtaining method. The only criterion is that these professionals have to carry their valid identity cards always with them.

  • Government Vehicles Tagged with ā€˜Gā€™ Registration:

Government vehicles tagged with the ā€˜Gā€™ registration number.

  • Bank Employees:

Employees of banks are also free to move without obtaining an e-pass, provided they have a valid identity card from the bank to show whenever asked for.

Validity of KSP Clear Pass

The validity of the KSP Clear Passes will vary from person to person. The applicants need to select the validity time while applying for the pass. The authorities will negotiate and issue the pass with a suitable validity depending upon several factors. The validity of the pass will be mentioned on the KSP Clear Pass itself. The pass will be held as expired beyond the time period that is mentioned on it.

KSP Clear Pass Helpline

Applicants can get in touch with the customer support team of KSP Clear Pass in case of any kind of query or problem. The helpline numbers for KSP Clear Pass are 080-22942200, 080-22942325, and 080-22942330.

FAQs – KSP Clear Pass

Q1. Is it mandatory to carry the hard copy of the KSP Clear Pass?

Answer: No, you can show the pass that is through the application or even if you have downloaded it on your smartphone. But in order to have a smoother validation, it is better that you take a printout of the e-pass.

Q2. Do I have to get an e-pass to avail myself of the banking services?

Answer: You can visit an ATM in your neighborhood to get cash whenever you require it. But for any other banking services, it is advised to make use of online banking methods. The authorities may not issue you an e-pass for a banking-related activity unless it is not very urgent or essential.

Q3. Will I have to get an e-pass for my regular walks and jogs?

Answer: The e-passes are issued only for necessary and essential activities. Hence, in place of wasting your time in applying for an e-pass, you should learn to exercise at home. Even if you have applied for such an e-pass, it will get rejected.

Q4. Will I have to get an e-pass for buying groceries and other items?

Answer: If the grocery store or other retail store is nearby your house or within your locality, you will not require any such pass to buy essentials. But again, the authorities have advised that it is much better that you order online for the items and get them delivered to your home so that you do not have to come out of the house. You should only visit the stores only in case of an emergency or for the essential items.

Q5. Do I need to pay anything to obtain the e-pass?

Answer: No, obtaining the e-pass is absolutely free of cost.

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