Link Voter ID with Aadhar Card (Through SMS, Phone, and Portal)

Link Voter ID with Aadhar Card – Recently, the Election Laws bill 2023 was passed by the Rajya Sabha that mentioned linking the electoral card of the Voter ID card of the Indian citizens with the Aadhar card. Now, though this linking has not been made mandatory as of now the bill says that the electoral officers will have the right to ask of the Aadhar details of an individual during the voting in order to avoid any kind of duplicity.

Aadhar Voter ID Link

Usually, you can always visit your nearest Aadhar enrollment center to get the linking of the voter id with the aadhar done. But the method of this linking has been made quite convenient as you can also do this on your own in different ways such as mentioned below.

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How to Link Voter ID with Aadhar?

There are three different ways how you can link your voter ID card with your Aadhar. You can check all methods and follow the method that is convinient to you.

Through SMS

Step – 1 – Open SMS in your mobile phone to type [Voter card number][Aadhar number] in the message box.

Step – 2 – Now send this message to either 166 or 51969.

Through Phone Call

In order to get the linking done through a phone call, you have to call on the number 1950. You have to make this call only on weekdays and that is also from 10 am to 5 pm.

After calling, you have to follow the instructions as being told to get the linking done.

Through Portal

Individuals can also link their voter id card with their aadhar card by following the method through the web portal.

Step – 1 – Go to the official page of

Step – 2 – Create an account here or log into your profile if you already have an account.

Step – 3 – Now provide your location and other personal details to search in the Government database.

Step – 4 – Next, provide your aadhar and voter number along with your contact details on the provided space and submit.

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Voter ID Aadhar Link Status

Once you have submitted for the linking process, you can also check the status of the linking too.

Step – 1 – Visit the official portal from where you have submitted for the linking that is

Step – 2 – Go to ‘Seeding Through NVSP Portal’ and fill up the form that comes up.

Step – 3 – Wait for some time and soon a display will come up that will tell you about the status of your linking of aadhar with your voter id.

There is no such last day mandate as of yet for the linking of the aadhar with the voter id because the board has mentioned that the individuals can link the two documents only as per their will. Surely, there are several debates going on whether the individuals should actually link the aadhar with the voter id or not. Currently, there are no such mandatory notifications that have come up. But if you are willing get the linking done by now, then you can surely follow the above-methods options to get it done.

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