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Maharashtra ePass Apply Online at – Maharashtra Government Police has come back again with the concept of ePass that they were making use of last year to tackle COVID spread. Citizens of Maharashtra who wish to travel interstate or even inter-district need to obtain a Maharashtra Police ePass for doing so. The Police officials have made this clear that the travel should be done only in case of extreme emergencies. The citizens can obtain the epass by applying for it at the official website of but the availability of the epass will depend on whether the officials have accepted the reasons for travel or not.

Lockdown Update – As expected, the Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown for another two weeks from 1st June to 15th June 2021. It is expected that the government going to lift the lockdown in a phased manner but the official notification is yet to arrived.

Name of the State Maharashtra
Type of Lockdown Lockdown like restrictions with some relaxation
Lockdown Status in Maharashtra Till 15th June 2021
Type of Pass Inter-state and Intra-state Travel ePass
Method of Application Online
Official Authority Maharashtra Police
Official Portal

Maharashtra e Pass

The condition of the COVID-19 situation has again shown its tragic face in the state of Maharastra. Currently, the number of COVID-positive cases in the state has surpassed 4 million. In order to get control over this rising number of cases, the Government of Maharashtra has again imposed lockdown and curfew in the state till 15th June 2021. The official announcement was also made for the same on May 30 by the CM.

For maintaining the lockdown in a smoother way, the Government along with the Maharashtra Police has introduced back the Maharashtra Police E Pass once again for the citizens who need to travel interstate or inter-district only for emergency situations.

All the citizens who need to travel to different districts within the state or different locations with a district have to get an epass otherwise they might have to face legal consequences. Citizens can easily visit the Maharashtra Government portal and can apply for the pass and obtain it after the officials have approved and issued it. This time the Police authorities are maintaining extreme strictness due to the rise of the second constraint of COVID. In the last few days, there have been noticed many such applicants whose application for epass has got rejected as the authorities found that the reasons provided by them were not that of emergency.

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How To Apply for Maharashtra Police e Pass?

Maharashtra Police has offered an easy way to obtain the epass through the official Government portal. The users should follow these steps in order to apply and obtain the epass with ease.

Step – 1 – Visit the official Government portal by clicking on the link

Step – 2 – Go through the instructions mentioned under the Caption Apply for Pass Here and then click on the button with the same caption.

Step – 3 – As a new page comes up, a pop-up will appear that will ask whether you wish to visit outside Maharashtra or not on which you have to click Yes or No and then Submit.

Step – 4 – If you have clicked on No, then you will be directly landed on a form where you have to fill in the details as per the information asked.

Step – 5 – If you have selected Yes, then you will have to select the number of co-passengers visiting with you and then have to click on Submit after which you will be taken to another form page.

Step – 6 – Fill in all the details as asked on the form.

Step – 7 – After you have filled in the form with the required details in either of the forms, you have to enable the webcam of your device to click your picture or you can select an image of yours from your device and attach it.

Step – 8 – You also have to upload necessary valid documents such as a medical summary, aadhar card, death certificate, and others whatever can prove your cause and purpose of travel.

Step – 9 – Finally, click on the submit option.

When the Police authorities have approved your epass, you will get a notification regarding the epass on the mobile number that you have provided while applying for the epass.

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Important Instructions for MH New e-Pass

While you are applying for the Maharashtra Police epass, you should understand and keep in mind these important instructions for sure.

  • If you have applied for the epass, it is not necessary that it will get approved. It the Police authorities who will verify the reason for your travel and then will decide whether the epass has to be approved or rejected.
  • Individuals, as well as groups, can apply for epass through the Government portal.
  • The language for applying for the epass is English.
  • Applicants should fill in the details correctly to get epass approved.
  • You have to combine the necessary documents in a single file and then have to upload them together in the section of documents.
  • After you have applied for the epass, you will be provided with a token ID that can be used for checking the status of the application.
  • When the epass is approved, you can download the pass using this token ID only.
  • The epass will have important details such as your personal details, your vehicle details, and also the validity of the epass.
  • The pass will also have a QR code that the Police officials will scan during your travel to check the authenticity of the pass.
  • Though you can download the pass on your device, it is also advised to get a printout of the pass to show it to the Police officials.
  • If anyone is found using the epass after its validity or is seen misusing the pass will be liable for strict actions against them.
  • The photo to be uploaded should be 200 KB while the documents that you are uploading should not be of more than 1 KB.

Maharashtra ePass Status

You can check the status of your Maharashtra Police e Pass using the token ID that you have received upon applying for it successfully. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to check the status.

Step – 1 – You need to check the status of the epass from the same website at

Step – 2 – Click on the link of Check Status/ Download Pass.

Step – 3 – A page will open up where you have to put up the Token ID that you have obtained after the application process.

Step – 4 – Now click on Submit.

The status of your Maharashtra Police e Pass will get displayed on the screen soon. If it is approved, you can download it and if it is rejected for any reason then you need to apply for the epass once again if it is an extreme situation of emergency. It is advised by the Maharashtra police authorities not to travel anywhere if it is not very urgent or a situation of emergency.

Important e Pass Links:

How To Download ePass?

You can download your MH epass online from the same link that you have used for checking the status of the epass.

Step – 1 – Follow the steps that are mentioned above to check the status of your MH Police epass.

Step – 2 – If the epass is approved, you will get an option for download on the same screen on which you can click and download the epass on your device.

Where we need and don’t need Maharashtra Police e Pass?

Here are some of the places where the Maharashtra Police e Pass will not be required during the Janta Curfew.

  • Shops selling essential items will not require epass.
  • Delivery professionals for food and essentials will also not require epass.
  • Individuals from banking, SEBI, or RBI will also not require epass.
  • Individuals from agriculture can carry out their operations.
  • Individuals from transporting services will also not require epass.
  • Individuals related to emergency services such as medical or police and similar will not require epass.

These individuals will not require any epass but they have to mandatorily carry their identity card to prove their profession. Also, they have to carry their Government identity card along with the professional identity card.

Now, apart from these above-mentioned categories, anyone else who wishes to travel interstate or inter-district need to apply for the Maharashtra Police e Pass. It is important to understand that just applying for the pass will not lead to getting the pass. The authorities will scrutinize the reason will then issue the epass only when the reason is satisfactory and comes under an emergency circumstance.

FAQs – Maharashtra Police ePass

Q1. Do I require the Maharashtra epass if I have to carry someone to some other district due to a medical condition?

Answer: Yes, you have to apply for the epass and mention the medical condition aligned with proper medical documents so that the epass gets approved.

Q2. Does the epass gets approved or rejected instantly?

Answer: No, it can take up some time for the officials to scrutinize the application and then to either approve or reject the epass. This is the reason, the token ID is provided using which the applicants can check their status and can download the epass.

Q3. What is the validity of the epass?

Answer: The validity of the epass will depend upon the time duration that the applicant has select while applying for the epass and also on the officials who have approved the epass. The time duration will be mentioned on the epass during which the citizen that travels to the mentioned locations. The epass will be held expired after the time period mentioned on it gets over.

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  1. Medical Emargancy asel tar peshant mela tari pass ajun under observation madhech asto an dalalani aplya kela ki lagech aproval hoto

    1. Medical Emergency asel tar peshant mela tari pass ajun observation madhech asto an dalalani aplya kela ki lagech aproval hoto

  2. मी मुंबईला राहतो एकटा,माझी मिसेस आणि लहान मुलगा विरारला काही दिवस तिच्या आई वडीलान कडे गेली,आणि तिचे भाऊ पण बाहेर आहेत,घरात माझी मिसेस,तिचे आई वडील आहे,मी त्यांना माझ्या कडे मुंबईला घेऊन येऊ शकतो का,किंवा ते गाडी करून मुंबईला येऊ शतात का.कृपया मदत करावी.

    1. Main Pune mein rahata hun Meri Biwi uski mummy kya Karnatak Nahin Gai Hai Kya Main Usko Upar Se Bula sakta hun mera beta bhi hai uske sath mein main Akela rahata hun

  3. What if, I have a train ticket booked and the railway station is not in my village or town ? In this case I have to travel by road to that particular station to board my train. Do i need a Epass or I can travel by my private vehicle carrying my train ticket as proof ?

  4. me shahapurla rahto v majhya donhi mul buldhanyala rahtat- Tyana mi majhyakade shahapurla aanu shakto ka kinva te gadi karun shahapurla yevu shaktat ka krupaya marg suchva.

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    Please sent the epass in my email address


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  10. I am in Panchgani and need to go to Pune for distributing farm products. Please send me epass

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  18. मी नागपूर ला खाजगी कंपनीमध्ये नोकरीला आहे व माझी पत्नी चंद्रपूर जिल्हा परिषदेच्या आरोग्य विभागात जिवती तालुक्यात नोकरीला आहे व माझी दोन लहान मुले पत्नीकडेच राहतात मी मागील दोन महिन्यांपासून परिवाराला भेटलो नाही मला दिनांक १६/०५/२१ ला त्यांना भेटण्यासाठी जायचे आहे तरी मला तिथे जाण्याकरिता इ पास मिळेल का

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  19. मला उद्या दि. 12/05/2021 ला परभणी वरून सांगली व सांगली वरून पुणे आणि 13/05/2021 ला पुण्यावरून परभणी असा प्रवास करायचा आहे. तर कसे E-pass काढता येईल?

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  24. The police is doing a wonderful job
    Who is going to benefit Only we and our beloved ones. Please cooperate with the police.

  25. Mai Mumbai Mai rehta hu meri wife ki mummy ki tabiyat thik nahi hai bahut bimar hai aur apni beti aur navasi se milna chahati hai so please I request to permission e pass to hum logo na Jana hai

  26. MLA upari la jaych ahe.dhan dalun anaych ahe.tari mala epaas denyat yavi hi vinnati

  27. I want to go to Khed, Ratnagiri from Thane. Due to cyclone and raining in this area our house’s roof sheets has flown off and damaged our house. So I want to to village to fix those. Can I get E-pass?

  28. We need to come back to our home in mumbai ( maharashtra) from madhya pradesh , do we need e pass and in which category would the reason to travel come in.?

  29. My grandmother having age 85 and she is on bed. The doctor says she is in critical condition and about to die. I have the copy of doctors in writing and along this I have my and my mother’s RTPCR test and all needed documents. After that I apply for e pass for several time. all time I get different requirements and answers for rejection.

  30. मी पाथरी ला खाजगी नोकरीला आहे व जिल्हा परिषदेच्या आरोग्य विभागात जिवती तालुक्यात नोकरीला आहे व माझी दोन लहान मुले पत्नीकडेच राहतात मी मागील दोन महिन्यांपासून परिवाराला भेटलो नाही मला दिनांक १६/०५/२१ ला त्यांना भेटण्यासाठी जायचे आहे तरी मला तिथे जाण्याकरिता इ पास मिळेल का

  31. Due to “TAKTTE” cyclone my native place home at & post chaul, tal. alibag, dist. raigad damage & I need to repair it. Today dtd 18/5/21 I contineously try to submit e pass applin. but not accepting the same pl. guide me.

    1. Police certainly issue epass. Your documents must be correct. Medical report for fit to travel of each passenger to be combined in one file, aadhar card with address of each passenger, driving license of driver, photo of damaged house, 7/12 of property are required documents to be combined in one file. No need of agent. No bribe. It’s very transparent.

  32. Want to go mumbai
    my cousine will serious
    So that we want to meet him
    Me & my mom & dad
    So that req E pass to go mumbai

  33. मला कर्क रोगाच्या निदाना विषयी माहिती मिळवणयासाठी निगडी (पुणे) ते कराड प्वास करावा लागणार आहे मला माझ्या सासूबाई संगीता Salunkhe याचे cancer या विषयावर पःतक्ष डॉ जयसिंग पवार रा. कराड येथे एक भेट घेऊन त्यांच्याशी चर्चा करून पुढील उपचारासाठी माहिती मिळवायची आहे मी १२-५-२०२१ या रोजी कोवीड -१९ ची चाचणी(निगेटीव) यशस्वी झाली आहे मि गाडी कमांक MH14 gt2454 या वरून पवास करनार आहे

    1. Nusati charcha karnya sathi epass milnar nahi. Ti phone var video dvare karata yete. Checkup sathi nyayche asalyas, doctor che tase letter ghyave. Police certainly issue epass. Your documents must be correct. Medical report for fit to travel of each passenger to be combined in one file, aadhar card with address of each passenger, driving license of driver, photo of damaged house, 7/12 of property are required documents to be combined in one file. No need of agent. No bribe. It’s very transparent.

  34. Maze swatache Ghar Ratnagiri La aahe Te Mi punya Alyawar Band Asate atta Mala Cyloned mule Zadanche Nuksan Zale Aahe tar mala anni Mrs la Jata Yeil Ka Karan Vastunchi Nasdhus pahayala Pahije mala Car Gheun Jayache Aahe

    E Pass sathi Kay Karan Sangu

    Please Help

    alpa Vishwasu

    Sunil Salvi

  35. मी परांजपे लोणावळा येथे वास्तव्यास असुन मला पनवेल मधिल आपटा फाटा येथे जे स्वामी समर्थांचे देऊळ आहे तेथे मी ट्रस्टी आहे आणि तेथिल सेवेकर्यांना पगार देण्यासाठी व पहाणी करण्यासाठी 4-5दिवस जायचे आहे मी माझी स्वतःची गाडी घेऊन जायचे आहे
    माझी पत्नी माझे सोबत आसणार आहे .आमची दोघांची कोव्ही शिल्ड च्या लसी घेऊन झाल्या आहेत तरी कृपया मला तेथे जाण्यास ई पास द्यावा

  36. We have to travel to Pune from mp indore as due to lockdown we were stuck in relatives place now wants to go back home in pune by 6th June pls suggest how you apply for epass

  37. पावसाळा पूर्व शेतीची कामे व पेरणी साठी खारघर ते अलिबाग (दोन्हीं ठिकाणं रायगड मध्ये) प्रवासासाठी ई पास आवश्यक आहे का?
    मागिल दोन दिवस सतत प्रयत्न करुन पाहिला पण पोर्टल सिस्टीम मध्ये सबमिशन होत नाही

  38. My son is in Indian Navy with family in titwala( Kalyan ) Distt. Thane, I want to carry in Nashik to my son for 0 6 days on leave.
    I Can I necessary e- Travel pass?

  39. Today is travel date but there is status” under review from 3 days”. Either reject or approved is right message to applicant.
    Hanging decision is not serving the purpose. Anyway we have to live as waiting common man.

  40. I need to bring my parents from Mumbai to Pune because they are being forced to leave their home by their son. My epass application is being rejected.

  41. I am stay in maharashtra raigad district, before lockdown come in hydrabad my son stay there for meet there one year baby.after one week start lockdown than march to till date stay with them not any transport but i just go at home return back than what reason put in e pass pl. clear me.I stay raigad khalapur lodhivali, pl reply me

  42. अब इ पास लग रहा क्या मे मेरे भाई मालवण मे आया हू मुझे हिंगोली जाना है ?

  43. The photo over the ePass is incorrect. It’s orientation is wrong. I need to get it modified. Whom to contact?

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