New Income Tax Portal ( Launching on June 7

New Income Tax Portal [] Launching on June 7 – The IT Department of India is about to launch a new website portal for the purpose of taxation. As per the latest updates, the portal is being designed in the interest of the users who are not much comfortable with e-filing of tax. The officials have mentioned that this new portal will be more convenient and easier to handle even by those who do not have much knowledge about taxation.

New Income Tax Portal

Individuals and companies are rushing to file their taxes for the year 2020-2021. In the midst of all this, the Income Tax department of India is all set to launch a new portal for e-filing. The officials of the IT department of India have stated that the new portal is being designed to make the process of e-filing much convenient for the users.

The new portal will be made available at the link The new portal will be introduced for use from 7th June 2021. This means the individuals and the companies will be able to start e-filing from 7th June 2021 on the new portal.

Event Launching of New IT Portal
Launch Date 7th June 2021
Current Status of Portal Under Construction
Official Portal

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Features of New Income Tax Portal

There are several features and benefits for which the IT department of India has been starting with this new portal for e-filing taxation. Here are some of the benefits released by the officials.

  • Quick Refunds:

The taxpayers have to always wait for long to get their refunds after filing their tax returns. The new portal will be integrated with the Income Tax Returns so that the returns can be processed immediately. This way, the taxpayers do not have to wait for long and they can get their refunds much faster than before.

  • Single Dashboard:

Often the taxpayers had to face the trouble of search different options in the existing portal. But the new portal is going to be user-friendly with its single dashboard. Now the users will be able to check out all their transactions and details on a single dashboard and do not have to get confused about anything.

  • Great for Novice Users:

People who are not aware of taxpaying activities can often face trouble while e-filing. All such issues will be taken care of in the new taxation portal. The new portal will be equipped with ITR software that will be available online and also offline as per the convenience of the user. Also, there will be interactive questions available that the users can go through and can understand the process of ITR filing. Thus, the new website will allow also novice users to get their own filing done.

  • Interactive Call Center:

The new portal will come up with very interactive call center support. The users can contact the support team and can gain immediate help. The support team will not just solve your problem but will also help you in understanding a number of things in the form of videos, tutorials, and others.

  • Mobile-Friendly:

For those individuals who wish to file their ITR on their smartphones, here is good news for them. The portal is highly compatible with mobile phones also so that all the features and options of the portal are available easily on the phone also. Thus, the users who wish to file their taxes through their phone can also now do so through this new website portal.

  • Diverse Payment Options:

The new portal will have diverse payment options such as RTGS, UPI, NEFT, and others for making your tax payment. Thus, now the users do not have to stick to just one payment method for the tax payment.

Benefits of the New Income Tax Portal

The IT Department has stated several benefits of launching this new income tax portal. The basic idea is to provide convenience to the users. Here are some of the benefits based on the features available in this new portal.

  • The portal is user-friendly so that all the activities can be accomplished within a much shorter time and without much hassle.
  • It is supported with a good number of tutorials and support so that even those who are not much aware of taxation can easily make tax payments or can file returns.
  • The portal is compatible with devices such as smartphones so that the users now can file their ITR from anywhere and anytime without waiting to return home or office to do it on their computers.

Important Guidelines for New Income Tax Portal

While the IT department is ready to launch the new income tax portal on 7th June 2021, the officials have also released some of the important guidelines for the taxpayers.

  • The last date for individuals to submit their income tax is 30th September 2021. For companies, the IT Department has extended the date till 30th November 2021. This extension has been made keeping in mind the prevailing situation due to COVID.
  • The officials have advised all the users to update their documents and other pending tasks on the old portal before 1st June 2021. This is because the portal will be blacked out from 1st June 2021 till 6th June 2021 after which the new portal will be launched on 7th June 2021.
  • Any hearing of compliance or case will be entertained only after 10th June 2021. This is done keeping in mind the fact that the users will take some time to understand the working of the portal. Thus, a time period of 4 days is provided for the users before starting any hearing.
  • From 7th June 2021 onwards, the users have to access the new portal at to make income tax payments and to file their returns.

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The officials of the IT Department have offered a clear picture that the new portal is getting launched to offer convenience to the taxpayers and the users. The new portal is loaded with several such features that are made to make the taxation process much easier and faster. Most importantly, now the users who do not have much idea about taxation can also take care of their taxation with ease.

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