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  1. I have registered my pic me number in Coimbatore and delivered my baby in Trichy which is my native in the month of February. But I haven’t received the amount yet. May I know the status?

    • Naan march 2020 picme apply panninen, October 2020 child born. Enum money ethuvum credit agala sir how to check pl help

    • நான் அக்டோபர் மாதம் குழந்தை உருவான தேதியை கூறினேன் ஆனால் என் குழந்தை பிறநாது ஐந்து மாதங்கள் துவங்குகிறது இன்னும் எனக்கு பணம் வரவில்லை எனவே எனக்கு பணம் வருவதற்கு உதவி செய்யுமாறு தாழ்மையுடன் கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன்

    • Sir
      Naan April 2020 picme apply panninen, may 2021 child born. Enum money ethuvum credit sha villa
      Help me.

    • Sir enaku baby form anathula erunthu money one time kuda varla sir enga area nurse ketta kara rejected varthunu solranga pls check sir my status

    • hello Sir/Madam
      i’m Visalatchi, i’m 9th month carry, Still I didn’t Get money.
      i kindly request please give me solution.
      Thank you…

  2. I got first child amount
    2nd child Ku I didn’t get amount, this is 9th month
    Next ten days my delivery date.

    How can I get my status

    I asked my area nurse she is telling, server problem, adhar error, u don’t have your account minimum balance, first child will get late, she is telling till.

    I want to know my pick me number status

    • I have submitted my old aadhar proof. Nurse updated me like there was some changes in aadhar so the money has been returned back. What should I do to update my new aadhar proof.

    • Dear sir, mam…
      என் பெயர் கவிதா…. முதல் தவணை தொகை 4000 என் கணக்கில்வந்து விட்டது…. ஆனால் பிரசவம் முடிந்து வர வேண்டிய பணம் மற்றும் பால் பணம் இன்னும் வர வில்லை…. எனக்கு உங்களால் உதவ முடியுமா

  3. yenaku first delivery ku full amount correct timela vandhuchu but second delivery march 19th 2021 la govt hospital la achi. na pregnant anadhula irundhu delivery varaikum fullah govt hospital than but yenaku edhu varaikum 6000 than vandhu iruku, before delivery orey oru kit kuduthangga avlotha, balance cash yeppo varum, entha status la na yepdi check pannuradhu, yennoda area nurse ah ketha sariya pathil solla mathragga, eppo yennoda child ku 5 months completed agidhuchu but cash sariya varala, plz guide me

  4. October madam2019 எனக்கு குழந்தை உருவான மாதம் எனக்கு பணம் வரவில்லை உதவி பண்ணுக

  5. My native place is Nilgiris and my bank account is on gudalur but the nurse told me my area is not shown in the application form.what shall I do

  6. Respected Sir / Madam, My wife had given birth for second baby on 18th Nov 2021. We met village nurse and provided all the necessary documents and got PICME number. We got only 4000 and Village nurse is saying if mom give birth only in GH we will get all the amount otherwise only 4000 will be paid. Can you please clarify is this true.

  7. My Baby was delivered on 9th Dec’21, but not even a single rupee credited. But I have went to all the checkups from 3rd month onwards. What’s the reason for such negligent duty from Government?

  8. Enaku twin baby 19.11.2021 delivery agiduchi innum enaku utta sathu porul & money ethum varala na middle class family baby ku milk vangarathu kuta kastama iruku pls help panunga

  9. My baby was delivered February 3rd 2021.I didn’t get Any amount sir. please help Me to received fund amount

  10. Hi Sir / Madam

    I’m Priyanka from Chennai I had given birth on 06/07/2022 not even single rupees credited in my account but I have went to all the checkup from 3month onwards at the same time my area nurse told me its in pending definitely its will credited soon but I think that the procedures will be will stopped.

  11. Hello Sir. I tried creating RCH number through the RCH self registration portal but I’m unable to submit, it gives an error “133800001616Could not insert into table1”. Do you know how to resolve this?

  12. I have only received 4000 after 45 days vaccination for my child. Now my baby is 8 months old. Still dint receive other installments even after getting 3 and half months vaccination long back. The nurse is not responding properly. kindly help me with the status of other installments


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