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Prerna Portal is a fruitful step towards the primary education of children. It is an initiative taken by the Basic Department of Education of Uttar Pradesh. Mission Prerna aims to develop the education system of about 1.6 lakh schools in Uttar Pradesh. Also, it is the mission of the scheme to offer successful results to a minimum of 80% of students in all the schools of the state.

Basic education between classes 1 to 5 is considered extremely important. Hence, the Prerna scheme has taken the aim of providing better education to students of these classes.

Prerna Portal

The dashboard of the Prerna Portal consists of a number of tabs from which there are different options to choose from.

  • About Us:

This tab offers a wide range of information about the scheme, its working, other initiatives, and the contact directory.

  • Notice Board:

The Notice Board tab of the portal displays options for Government Orders, Circulars, and Tenders.

  • Student’s Corner:

The idea is also to make the experience of learning convenient and happy for the students. Hence, the lessons are prepared in the form of interactive sessions, videos, and others. Students can learn from various helpful options such as e-pathshala, learning material, posters and charts, and talent hunt under the section of Student’s Corner.

  • Teacher’s Corner:

Similar to the students, the portal is also quite helpful for teachers. The teachers will be able to educate the students in a much better way with the help of various options such as Important Documents, Teacher’s Handbook, Teacher’s Learning Material, Announcements, Lesson Plans, and others.

  • Talent Hunt:

You will get details and winners of the Talent Hunt here.

  • Bank Data Upload:

This section is for Teacher Login, Verification, and User Manual.

  • Others:

You will get options for school recognition, awards, and other points in this section of the portal.

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Prerna Portal Teacher Login

The teachers of the schools need to log into the portal to get through the material and educate the students accordingly.

If you are already registered on the portal as a teacher, you just have to follow the login steps to enter the portal. But if you are not registered, then you can call up at 18001800666 and have to get your mobile number registered to proceed.

Step – 1 – For login, go to the portal and click on Teacher Login under the tab Bank Data Upload

Step – 2 – Your mobile number will be asked for verification.

Step – 3 – You can login only after your enter the OTP for verification.

After you log into your account, you can go for DBT Verification under Bank Excel Format for Fund Transfer to School.

Talent Hunt Registration

Prerna scheme runs various Talent Hunts among the students to keep them motivated and also to bring out the inner talents within them. Students need to sign up for the talent hunt on time for participation.

Step – 1 – On the portal, you will find the tab Talent Hunt, under which you have to click on Talent Hunt Sign Up.

Step – 2 – Here the name and mobile number of the participant have to be entered.

Step – 3 – Authentication has to be done to proceed and participate.

On the same page of Talent Hunt Sign Up, you can also check the winner’s list month-wise by selecting the right month from the drop-down menu.

Online School Recognition

Under the Prerna Scheme, all the schools have to get recognized so that proper monitoring can be done by the officials.

Step – 1 – On the Prerna portal, under the Others section, you will find the option of School Recognition that you have to click and open.

Step – 2 – Click on Sign Up to get the Registration box.

Step – 3 – Type your name, number, and email to register.

Step – 4 – After registration, use your username and password to login.

Step – 5 – Click on Forgot Password if you do not remember your login password.

Step – 6 – Enter your mobile number and send.

Step – 7 – Enter OTP for verification and then get your password.

After you have got registered on the portal, you can check your application status on the same page. You will find the option to provide the application number and view details on the same page.

The Prerna Portal is also available in the form of an android application now. You just have to get it from the Google Playstore and get registered to use the application accordingly.

Prerna Portal Helpline Number

Just under the tab About Us, you will find the Contact Directory, where you will find contact numbers of various officials whom you can contact for different issues and queries. For general issues and troubleshooting, you can also make a call at the toll-free number 18001800666.

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