Rajasthan e Pass Apply Online at Rajasthan.gov.in, Status

Rajasthan e Pass Apply Online – To offer a smoother operation in the state, the State Government has also introduced Rajasthan ePass for the individuals who are indulged in essential services or also for those who need to move for any kind of emergency activities. Individuals who are looking forward to having the Rajasthan ePass need to visit the official website of the Rajasthan Government and apply for the ePass from there.

Rajasthan Government has made a number of changes in the dates of lockdown in the state to deal with the rise of the COVID situation. As the most recent lockdown going to end on 24th May 2021, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has made an announcement to impose a 3-tier lockdown in Rajasthan from 24th May to 8th June 2021. The guidelines for the same are also released by the Rajasthan government.

Name of the State Rajasthan
Type of Lockdown Strict Lockdown with Mini unlock from June 1
Lockdown Status in Rajasthan Till 8th June 2021
Type of Pass Individual, Company, Existing Lockdown Pass
Method of Application Online
Official Authority Government of Rajasthan
Official Portal www.epass.rajasthan.gov.in

How to Apply for Rajasthan ePass?

There are two ways how you can apply for the Rajasthan ePass. You can apply it through the official portal and also through the mobile application.

If you already have an account on the official portal, you can visit the site at https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin and can log in to apply for the Rajasthan ePass. But if you do not have the registration done, follow these steps first to get registered at the portal.

Step – 1 – Visit the website https://epass.rajasthan.gov.in/login on which you have to click on the option of Login via RajSSO.

Step – 2 – Now you will land upon the page of the Rajasthan SSO portal where you have to click on the Registration option.

Step – 3 – Now you will get three options to choose from Citizen, Udhyog, and Government employees.

Step – 4 – Depending upon what you have selected, you have to click on the options provided and have to complete the registration process.

Step – 5 – After completing the registration process, now you have to come page to the login page and have to log in with your username and password.

Step – 6 – Now, you will enter your account and then have to select the option of Rajasthan Lockdown ePass.

Step – 7 – You have to fill in the details in the application form.

Step – 8 – Next, you have to upload your photo and the required documents and submit the application.

Step – 9 – You will also get the option of adding members if you wish to just before the Submit option for which again you have to provide the details of the person and then have to click on the Submit button.

You should get an email stating your application number that you should keep safe till the time you do not get approval on your application. After the approval, you will get another email with the ePass that you can download.

  • Through Mobile Application

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to apply for the Rajasthan ePass through the mobile application.

Step – 1 – First of all, you have to download and install the application of RajCop Citizen from your Google Playstore.

Step – 2 – If you already have an SSO ID, you have to log in using the SSO ID and password.

Step – 3 – In case, if you do not have the SSO ID, create a new account by clicking on the option of Create New and following the steps.

Step – 4 – Now, finally log in, and on the page that comes up, you have to click on the option of Lockdown Pass.

Step – 5 – Now tick on the terms and then click on the Okay option.

Step – 6 – Next, you have to select from the option of Individual or Firm.

Step – 7 – Depending upon what you have selected, you will get an application form that you need to fill up.

Step – 8 – Next, you have to upload your passport size photo and other documents such as aadhar card, voter card, and others,

Step – 9 – Now, click on Next and a box will appear which you have to click on Submit for Pass.

Step – 10 – If you need to add more members on your ePass, you have to click on the option Add More Person first and then provide their details and then click on Submit.

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Rajasthan e Pass Status

After submission of the e pass form, your application number and status will display on the screen at the Lockdown Pass list. You will also get an email at the email address that you have provided while applying for the e-Pass. When the application is approved, you will get the ePass in another email from where you can download the ePass. In case if the application gets rejected, you will get an email about the rejected application. Meanwhile, you can also keep checking the application to know the current status of your e pass application.

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Rajasthan Lockdown Guidelines

Apart from the introduction of the Rajasthan ePass, Rajasthan Government has introduced a number of strict guidelines to maintain the severity of the lockdown. Here are the guidelines that the citizens of Rajasthan have to abide by without fail.

  • Travel within the State:

The Government has imposed restrictions on any intra-state travel such as between districts, cities, or villages. Only individuals with an extreme emergency will have the permission to travel for which they have to apply for the Rajasthan ePass. Only when the application is approved, then only the individuals can move with the ePass along with a valid Government identity proof.

  • Travel from Outside the State:

Individuals who are coming to Rajasthan from any other state have to go under the RT-PCR test compulsorily. Only candidates with a negative result will be allowed to enter the state. In case, if someone has not conducted the test, they will be quarantined at the dedicated centers for 15 days.

  • Events and Functions:

Weddings and similar events are prohibited till 30th May 2021. To offer some relaxation, individuals can perform court marriages or can have an event within the four walls of their houses with a maximum of 11 people or within the family members.

  • Workers:

Workers working in the construction sector or factories can move with their respective ePass offered by the firms and a valid photo identity proof in the special buses run by the Rajasthan Government.

  • Essential Items:

Shops for essential services will remain open. Delivery of the essential items also should be allowed. Transportation of such essential items will be also allowed.

  • Religious Places:

All the religious places shall remain closed during the lockdown period.


The work of MGNREGA will be also stopped during this time.

  • Patients and Pregnant Women:

The Government shall releases soon another set of guidelines for the movement of the COVID patients, other patients, and pregnant women who may require urgent attention anytime.

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FAQs – Rajasthan e Pass

Q1. How to get an ePass if I am employed somewhere?

Answer: Your firm or company should apply for the Rajasthan ePass for all the employees if the services come under essentials or the allowed services.

Q2. Can I apply again if my ePass is rejected once?

Answer: Yes, you can apply once again by offering a valid and more constructive reason for getting the ePass.

Q3. How to extend the validity of my expired ePass?

Answer: You can apply once again based on the expired ePass by visiting the portal or mobile application of RajCop Citizen and then selecting the option of Apply for Existing ePass.

Q4. Do I need to get an ePass even after having an offline pass from the administration?

Answer: Yes, it is mandatory that you apply for the Rajasthan ePass even when you have an offline pass from the administration.

Q5. How to get ePass when I have applied to E-Mitra?

Answer: You can still get the mobile application of RajCop Citizen and here you can get the ePass from the feature of My Migrant Pass.

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