Somnath Print Portal: Registration, Login, Services, Pricing

Somnath Print Portal, Registration, Login, Services – Somnath Print is a newly launched portal designed and developed for different digital services such as PAN Card, Aadhar, and mobile recharges. If you are looking for a single portal where you can get digital services of documentation as well as mobile recharges, then Somnath Print Portal is one of the options you have.

This portal is mainly for retailers, distributors, and Chanel Partners. The users have to get registered on the portal and then can log into the portal as and when required to avail of different services for their respective customers.

Somnath Print Portal Registration

As mentioned above, the users have to get registered on the Somnath Print Portal to get started with the services of the portal. It is noted that the registration process will be the same for all types of users including Retailers, Distributors, and Partners.

  1. Make sure that you visit the original official website for Somnath Print Portal by clicking on the link:
  2. The interface is quite simple and you just have to click on the Registration option provided on the upper tab of the page.
  3. A page for New Registration will open where you have to first select the user type from the dropdown menu.
  4. Next, fill in the registration form will all the necessary details.
  5. Create and confirm your password.
  6. After checking all the details carefully, finally, click on Save to complete the registration.

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Somnath Print Portal Login

After you have completed your registration process on the Somnath Print Portal, you can log into your profile to avail all the different services available on the portal.

  1. Visit the official website of Somnath Print Portal at
  2. The page that opens is already the Login page of the portal.
  3. Provide your user ID along with your password for the portal.
  4. Finally, click on the Login tab to enter your profile and avail all the services.

Forgot Password – Somnath Print Portal

Users who have forgotten the password for Somnath Print Portal Login can resume their password by following a simple step on the portal itself.

  1. On the Somnath Print Portal Login page, click on Forgot Password link.
  2. On the page that you will get next, you will have to enter the mobile number that you have registered with the Somnath Print Portal.
  3. Click on Submit and you can proceed with the next steps available for retrieving your password.

Once you have got back your password, you can immediately log into your Somanth Print Portal once again.

Though the portal is still new, there are many scammers who are coming up with duplicate portals by the same name as Somnath Print Portal. Hence, it is essential that the users understand and differentiate between the original and the duplicate options in order to stay safe from scams and fraudulence.

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