TAFCOP Portal – Check Active Mobile Connections, Complaint, Report and Others

TAFCOP is a portal run by the Government of India to control the issues of fraudulence through telecom services. TAFCOP stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management & Consumer Protection.

Department of Telecommunications, better known as DoT has initiated the TAFCOP Portal while taking necessary steps to bring a reduction in telecom fraudulence. According to the new rule, any subscriber can get a maximum of nine telecom connections in his or her identity.


The Indian Government has launched a number of rules and regulations for telecom subscribers through the TAFCOP Portal. One of the important rules launched is that an individual cannot avail of bulk mobile connections that are more than nine connections on his or her name. There are also other similar rules such as you have to verify your residential details through call and dealing in pre-activated SIM cards will be considered a criminal offense that will lead to a fine of Rs. 50,000.

Subscribers can go through the full list of instructions and regulations by DoT by clicking on this direct link https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/Instructions.PDF.

There are also rules made for foreigners who visit India and get a SIM card for their stay duration. In order to maintain the decorum of these rules, one of the best ways for the subscribers is to get registered on the TAFCOP Portal.

The portal service is new and is operational only in some of the Indian states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, and Kerala.

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Benefits of TAFCOP Portal

Subscribers should check out the TAFCOP portal to avail a number of benefits and some of the most important ones are listed here.

  • If you have got more than nine SIM cards, you will get an intimation SMS on your registered number.
  • Subscribers who have applied for more than nine connections can take necessary actions through the portal to avoid penalties.
  • Also, the subscribers can check the status of connections through the portal by providing appropriate details.

TAFCOP Portal Status Check

Checking your connection status on the TAFCOP portal is quite easy and convenient.

Step – 1 – Visit the official TAFCOP Portal by clicking on the link https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in/.

Step – 2 – On the homepage itself, you have to provide your mobile number and click on Request OTP.

Step – 3 – Verify the OTP that you received on your number and you will get a list of numbers that you have currently on your name.

Apart from getting the list of connections that you have on your name, you can also avail of other services such as taking necessary actions such as stopping a number or so on accordingly. There are also other options to use such as reporting a number if you think that you have not applied for it.

There are so many times when an individual is not aware that fraudulent activity is taking place through his or her documents. The DoT authorities have taken an eminent step to not just reduce such fraudulence but also to let the subscribers know when they are involved in such a situation. As you enter your number, the TAFCOP Portal offers you a wide range of things that you can make use of to make sure that you are following the rules made by the Department.

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  1. I have submitted the request of removing the numbers which are not used by me from the list several times but the unused numbers are still visible on the portal site. Kindly remove the unused numbers at the earliest. Thanks.

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