Tamil Nadu e Pass Apply Online, Check Status of TN e Pass

TN ePass Apply Online at eRegister.tnega.org – With inflation in the number of Covid cases, Tamil Nadu is practicing lockdown and curfew in the state. While the Government of Tamil Nadu is requesting everyone to stay at home, it has also introduced TN ePass for individuals who need to move for emergency services. The government has introduced a number of rules and regulations for the ePass so that there is no confusion and citizens do not take advantage of the ePass.

TN Lockdown Update – Tamil Nadu government has stretched lockdown for another one week from 31st May to 7th June 2021 without any relief in the restrictions. The lockdown was officially extended on 28th May 2021 by the TN CM M K Stalin. Meanwhile, the government of TN has already intensified the lockdown in the state from 15th May 2021 by imposing more restrictions for peoples and shop owners.

Following the regulations, individuals can apply for the TN ePass from the official website launched by the TN Government.

Name of the State Tamil Nadu
Type of Lockdown Strict Lockdown with Exemption of Essentials
Lockdown Status in Tamil Nadu Till 7th June 2021
Type of Pass Inter-state and Intra-state Travel ePass
Method of Application Online Only
Official Authority Government of Tamil Nadu
Official Portal www.eregister.tnega.org

TN ePass Tamil Nadu

While applying for the TN ePass, there are some important guidelines and instructions that individuals need to keep in mind. The below topics will help you to decide that where you need the TN e Pass and where is not.

Who Can Apply for TN ePass?

Here are the categories of people who can apply for the TN ePass.

  • People on Government duties
  • Individuals responsible for essential services such as police, fire, water, postal service, and others
  • Individuals of essential services such as dairy, food, healthcare sector, and others
  • Employees of the financial sector such as banks and others
  • Patients or people with health conditions who need to check with a doctor
  • In the case of deaths or emergency events

Who does not have to Apply for TN ePass?

Now, there are some categories of people who do not have to apply for the ePass. There are some sections about who does not have to apply for the TN ePass.

  • Individuals who are related to agriculture or animal husbandry
  • For transportation of goods
  • Professionals responsible for delivery of essential services
  • Enterprises and plants

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Important Points for Tamil Nadu e Pass

The TN Government has made some strict instructions regarding the TN ePass so read each point carefully.

  • Candidates who are found to offer wrong information while applying for the ePass will be liable to fetch legal actions.
  • The application for TN ePass can be rejected if the authorities do not feel the reason or the details to be satisfactory and the applicants have to accept the rejection without creating any nuisance.
  • Anyone returning back home after the travel with the ePass has to stay in home isolation of 14 days.

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How to Apply for TN e Pass?

There are two places from where you can apply for the TN ePass. From one website, you can apply for the vehicle ePass in case if you are traveling within the state with your vehicle. From the other website, you have to apply to get ePass in case if you are traveling from another state or country to Tamil Nadu.

How to Apply for TN Vehicle ePass?

Here are the steps that you can follow to apply for the TN Vehicle ePass.

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of https://serviceonline.gov.in/.

Step – 2 – Now, click on the option of Newly Launched Services, after which a box will open up on the screen.

Step – 3 – Here click on the state Tamil Nadu and then on the option of ePass_TN.

Step – 4 – Here, you will see an application form for TN e Pass so first read the form carefully.

Step – 5 – Now, Fill in the form carefully without any error.

Step – 6 – Tick on the declaration box after which you should get your registration ID.

Now the authorities will check through the details provided by you and then will take the decision of whether they will provide you with an ePass or not. If your ePass is approved by the TN officials then you will get an SMS on the registered mobile number that you have provided while applying for the ePass and after you may take a printout of the ePass. Make sure also to carry your Government issued identity card also along with the TN ePass.

How to Apply for TN ePass for Entry in Tamil Nadu?

If you are someone traveling into Tamil Nadu, you will require an ePass too. The users have to follow these steps to apply for the TN ePass in such a case.

Step – 1 – First you have to visit the site of https://eregister.tnega.org/#/user/pass.

Step – 2 – Next, you have to select from the option of whether you are traveling from any other state of India or from a foreign land.

Step – 3 – On the next page, you have to provide your mobile number and have to enter the captcha code.

Step – 4 – Now click on Send OTP.

Step – 5 – On the next page, you have to provide the OTP that you have received on your mobile number to verify it.

Step – 6 – Now on the next page, you have to select from the ePass type that you wish to avail yourself.

Step – 7 – Depending upon the selection that you have made, a form will come up that you need to fill up.

Step – 8 – Now you have to upload the necessary documents such as a medical report, or a marriage invitation card, and others to prove your purpose of visit.

Step – 9 – The ePass will be only presented after the whole verification of the details provided by you and this can take time. Till this time, you will get an application number for checking the status.

Finally, after the ePass is approved, in order to get the ePass, you have to present your Government identities document such as aadhar card, electoral card, PAN card, driving license, employee card, and passport.

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TN e Pass Status

In order to know whether your TN ePass is approved or not, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step – 1 – Visit again the website of eregister.tnega.org.

Step – 2 – Again provide the mobile number that you have used for applying.

Step – 3 – Enter the captcha and get OTP.

Step – 4 – As you verify your mobile number by providing OTP on the next page, you will head towards another page with many application numbers.

Step – 5 – Click on your application number to check whether your application is approved or rejected.

Step – 6 – If the application is approved, you can download your TN ePass from this page itself.

Documents Required for TN e Pass

While you are applying for TN ePass, here are some of the documents that you have to keep ready to upload.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Any other photo identity proof such as passport, PAN card, electoral card, or driving license.
  • Document to prove your visit
  • Photograph in passport size

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Make sure that you apply for the TN ePass only when it is very urgent. Though the Government of Tamil Nadu has offered this flexibility in curfew, it is the responsibility of the citizens not to take advantage of it. Also, while applying for the ePass, make sure to provide only valid details to stay safe from strict actions in the case of wrong information.

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  21. Sir,
    I need e registration for my self, wife and daughter up to 30. May 2021 for Medical treatment within the district. We shall travel with my own vehicle Vitra Breza No TN 68 AC 7670 from tomoerow onwards. Thanking u sir.

  22. Sir my native from katagiri. Some time resting at attur ganga valle. Please giving a e pass attur to kotagiri. I go to my natïve please

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    Sir I have to go pattukottai for seeing my uncle who suffer from fever

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  35. I have already applied epass for two wheelers as we are in telecom sector, but registered in a single number, now the epass reflecting only for car but not reflecting for tow wheelers, kindly guide

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  38. Sir,
    Today (26.5.2021) forenoon I have to go from Chrompet to Old Pallavaram, 47, Perumal Nagar, 3rd Cross street to attend the funeral of my close relative. I Tried for e-pass after entering OTP. In the Format I inserted my name, aadhaar , auto number. But the other columns did not open to feed in them. I received only phone message. Please help me to get e-pass to attend my relative’s funeral today forenoon to go and return by an auto No.TN AK1218012.

    M. Kathiresan
    2, Ramachandra Road, Nehru Nagar, Chennai.

  39. Pls give maxi cab epass sir yesterday my sister father in death in Coimborte. Xuv available 4seater my family 7person not going only 4person only. Pls give me epass for maxi cab 7 seater allowed. Sir

  40. Hi…I came out of Tamilnadu with epass for an important land registration and now want to come back into Tamilnadu, but I do not see any relevant option to select. I am working in Chennai itself and am coming in my own vehicle which is TN registered.
    Can I use the same epass to come back into Tamilnadu. I do not want to select something wrong. Please advise. Thank you.

  41. I have to go to Chennai airport on friday the 4. june at 11.00 pm. My husband will drive me in our own car from our home in Injambakkam. Do we need an epas? Or is it okay to show my flighttickets if we will get stopped by the police?

  42. I have One mushroom foam in Valavanthankottai ,Trichy. so I am living in lic colony ,kknagar ,Trichy .
    I want e pass

  43. Im Muthu Kumar plumbing and electrical work going korattor TN05 BU 0672 please help me sir


  45. Sir, I am an educational consultant sending medical aspirants to abroad. Many students are in need of my service and coming to my office. But from the date of lock down announced I have closed my office and staying in my house only. But for emergency requirements from my students and parents I have to go to my office and do the needful to them. My office is in Teynampet opposite to Anna arivalayam. for this purpose I need E registration. Please do the needful.

  46. What is the procedure to get Epass for marriage purpose. Groom and bride in different places. Help me to find out the way

  47. My aged father-in-law has to return to their Chennai home for a follow-up medical check on 22nd June. He is a Known Diabetic Hypertensive and needs a review meet with his long-term doctor in Chennai. I will be driving him and my mother-in-law from Bangalore to Chennai on the 21st June and returning to Bangalore solo on 22nd June. I am unable to find options on the EPass web page for travel other than within Tamil Nadu. Kindly guide on options

  48. Good Morning Sir,
    I need a Tn epass for travelling is it mandatory to have a epass for Tamil Nadu Please inform. Thanks

  49. hallo Sir,

    I want to Epass for Cochin to Coimbatore for next week for my education purpose..what can i do..give me the reply plz

    1. Hi Sir, on 08th Jan 2022 we are travelling to Tiruvanamalai (arunachal temple) from telangana and returning back on 10th Jan, our family everyone fully vaccinated. do we need to take E-pass to enter tamil nadu state?

  50. I have a journey to Singapore on 25 Dec, I am travelling from andhra. No staying in chennai.
    Shall I need to apply for epass.

  51. February calendar is still not enabled in the ePass registration form. Can we enter it manually? I think that is causing an error.

  52. Getting this error message though I have entered everything correctly ‘Please check your values! Something went wrong. – Please advise what could be the reason.

    1. I am having the same issue, I am flying on March 8th and all the dates after 7th March are grayed out.

      Were you able to get your E-pass? if not, did you have any issues when you entered Tamil Nadu?

  53. We have fully vaccinated (two dose done) and will come from Bangladesh. Do we need e-pass. Thanks.

  54. I am travelling to chennai and i could not generate epass as site is down. Do i have any alternative option

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