Telangana ePass Apply Online at – Registration, Status

Telangana ePass Apply Online at – Individuals who are in need of the Telangana ePass for movement need to visit the official portal and apply for it. The authorities will approve the applications with valid reason and purpose and will provide an ePass for the movement during the lockdown.

This time the lockdown is strict and many guidelines have come up about restricted movements of vehicles and individuals. In midst of this, there is also some relaxation offered for those who are moving for providing essential services or who are in a condition of emergency. For such individuals, the government has also introduced the Telangana ePass.

Latest Update – Telangana is under strict lockdown from 11th May 2021 till the current date. The Chief Minister of the state announced on 11th May 2021 about imposing lockdown and curfew in the state from 12th May 2021. This lockdown is now stretched till 10th June 2021. It is also estimated that this lockdown may get extended further depending upon the situation ahead.

Name of the State Telangana
Type of Lockdown Covid-19 Lockdown
Lockdown Status in Telangana Till 10th June 2021
Type of Pass COVID-19 Lockdown ePass
Method of Application Online
Official Authority Telangana State Police
Official Portal

How to Apply for Telangana ePass?

Here are the methods using which someone can obtain the Telangana ePass to move during the lockdown.

Step – 1 – First, go to the portal

Step – 2 – Now, click on ePass on the homepage of the portal.

Step – 3 – You have to adhere to the declarations mentioned and then have to select the district where you reside and then proceed.

Step – 4 – On the application page, you have to first provide your personal details.

Step – 5 – Enter your Aadhar number.

Step – 6 – Next, you have to select the purpose of your visit from a huge list of a dropdown menu.

Step – 7 – Now, select whether you require it for an individual or a group and select the KYC document that you wish to submit.

Step – 8 – Select your vehicle type from a dropdown menu and provide the vehicle registration number.

Step – 9 – Now you have to provide details about the place from where you are traveling to the location you will be going.

Step – 10 – Next, you have to select the ePass validity dates.

Step – 11 – Next, provide a correspondence address.

Step – 12 – Again you have to provide the transport details.

Step – 13 – Now upload a passport-size photo of yours that should not be more than 80KB.

Step – 14 – Next, upload a KYC document that you have selected earlier for KYC.

Step – 15 – Now, upload a purpose document that should not be more than 500KB.

Step – 16 – Select your Jurisdiction Name.

Step – 17 – Enter the captcha code and click on save and generate acknowledgment.

An acknowledgment message will display on the next screen with your reference number that you should keep safe for future use.

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How to Print Telangana ePass?

After you have successfully applied for the Telangana ePass and have received an acknowledgment of it, you can check for its status and can get a printout of it upon approval. Following are the steps you need to follow to get a printout of the Telangana ePass after getting approval from officials.

Step – 1 – Once again go to the site

Step – 2 – On the homepage, you will find the option of Citizen Print Pass on which you have to click to come on the next page.

Step – 3 – Here, you have to provide the reference number that you received in acknowledgment.

Step – 4 – Finally, click on Submit to check whether your application is approved or declined.

Step – 5 – If the application is approved, you can download and print the ePass from the option provided on the same screen.

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Required Documents for Obtaining Telangana ePass

While you are applying for the Telangana ePass, you need to have the Aadhar card mandatorily because you have to provide the Aadhar number on the application form. Apart from the Aadhar card, you can choose any of these documents for the purpose of KYC.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Electoral Identity Card
  • Indian Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Vehicle RC
  • Driving License

Instructions for TS Police e Pass

In order to apply for Telangana ePass, you have to adhere to a few of the declarations and these are.

  • You should not be residing in a containment zone.
  • You will not visit any containment zone after obtaining the ePass.
  • The applicants should not have any covid-related symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, and others.
  • All the information provided in the ePass application form must be valid and correct.

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Telangana Lockdown 2022

As Telangana Government imposes lockdown and curfew in the state, there is a set of guidelines that it has introduced too.

  • Manufacturing industries and construction activities can stay operational following the covid precautions.
  • Services of telecommunication, broadcasting, and similar others will remain operational but with minimum manpower and others should work from home.
  • IT services supporting several industries such as healthcare, transport, finance, and others shall remain operational too.
  • Warehouses and cold storage can also operate.
  • Restrictions are not there on the movement of goods and transportation or delivery of goods and eCommerce.
  • Gas pipeline services, power generation services, water supply, petrol pumps, and similar others are also permitted.
  • Essential services such as banks, healthcare centers, media, agricultural services, and others shall stay open.
  • Employees and workers of all the industries can move during the lockdown only with a permission letter or ePass offered by the organization and the employee identity card.
  • Public transport such as metro, buses, and others should run only from 6 am to 10 am every day. Vehicles with medical emergencies will be however permitted.
  • Marriage gatherings should not exceed 40 participants while funeral rituals should not exceed 20 participants.
  • Healthcare individuals shall take special attention to pregnant women and other individuals who have major health concerns.

There are some special instructions and guidelines for the workers of manufacturing units and factories.

  • Manufacturing units and factories should mandatorily scan the temperatures of their workers at the gates before entry.
  • If a worker is infected then other workers who came in touch with the infected worker should be allowed to get quarantined at home with full pay.
  • Workers who are covid positive should be offered medical leaves and should be provided full wage.
  • If a worker is found covid positive, the wing in which the worker worked should be closed for some days and then should open only after proper sanitization.
  • There should not be any common eating places for lunch and tea to avoid crowding.
  • Regular sanitization should take place in common toilet facilities of industries, and other similar places.
  • Units that have more than 500 workers should also maintain their own quarantine set up in case of any emergency.

The government of Telangana has imposed 10 days lockdown to control the rising cases of covid in the state. In midst of several restrictions and guidelines, the State Government has also offered several relaxations so that the citizens do not face trouble. Apart from introducing ePass, there are special services for medical emergencies and permissions granted to all the essential services.

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  1. Good evening,I am P. chiranjeevi, vehicle no. AP11AJ6816. As my sister in law expired in home and it was natural death on 22-05-2021.
    Requesting you to give me E-pass so that I can attend my sister in law house.
    Thanking you.

    1. శ్రీయుత గౌరవనీయులైన తెలంగాణ పోలీసువారికి పెద్దపల్లి జిల్లా గోదావరిఖని మండలం రామగుండం కి చెందిన నేను అనగా నా పేరు మోహన్ పల్లె తండ్రి పేరు రాజేశం నేను ప్రతి నెల కరీంనగర్ లోని హాస్పిటల్కి మంత్లీ మంత్లీ మెడికల్ చెకప్ గురించి మరియు మెడిసిన్ గురించి ప్రతి నెల డాక్టర్ను సంప్రదించాల్సి వస్తుంది ఇపుడున్న పరిస్థితుల దృష్ట్యా నేను వెళ్ళే సమయం పది తర్వాత 10 గంటల తర్వాత వెళ్ళవలసి వస్తుంది అందుకు నాకు ఈపాస్ ఇప్పించగలరు
      పృథ్వి రెడ్డి క్లినిక్ డాక్టర్ ముద్దసాని పృథ్వి రెడ్డి గారు న్యూ రోసైకియాట్రిస్ట్ మంచిర్యాల్ చౌరస్తా కరీంనగర్

  2. my name is C . Thirupathaian, sir I request to give e pass to sriranagar village , mandal athmakur, district wanparthy . Sir my family was dead because of health problem so we should go to see him I request to give epss sir
    Thank you sir

  3. I request you to please grante permtion for E pass.
    From Bijinapally to Sriram Nagar ( Attmakur MD ) Wanapathi (Dist).
    Reason : My sister son Expired due to Covid.
    Vechil no: TS 07 FP 00799.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for vehicle pass for 4 persons all the data was filled and pass was also generated. But, in pass there is no details for other 3 persons details. only my photo and my details are in pass. Previously our relatives are applied and get their passes with dependents details also.

  5. Dear Sir,
    My brother son marriage fixed last year due to COVID we have postponed the marriage now my parents are fixed the marriage by 04/06/2021 at Pedakapavaram village,Akividu Mondel, W.G.DT hence i am requesting you pls grant the permission for our family with e pass
    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Sir
    Iam trying from evening but could not succeed.Because of website problem. Is there any other way like applying manually etc.
    Kindly help to issue e pass from secundrabad to Bhopal for joining the office ( central governament office)..kindly issue e pass from 27 to 29 may 2021. Iam going by road.

  7. Dear sir
    I’m request to give me Epass sir I have go to kurnool there is reason of my father bones and ashh
    to dip in a river ple accept it sir I want one day permission from jagadgiri gutta to kurnool date : 30/05/21 plz accept it sir.
    Thank you.

    Sir your faithfully
    B Mallikarjun

  8. I have applied for yesterday but did’t get approval yet. How much time it will take for approval. I applied for the date 30th may.

  9. hi i want to go back to my home in Hyderabad i am stucked in vizag from 1 month can u pls grant e pass to return to my home

    1. Assalamualikum.farheen ji .my name is Zain hakeem.aur meri cyber cafe .hai hmm telangana e pass application dalte hain.but apke pass koi valid reason hona chahiye.

  10. I am a photographer i need to go for shoot on 30th may 2021 Mid night muhurtham so please grant me a Epaas. thank you

  11. This is the only page giving info about TS E-Ppass and thank you for giving out this information.
    I have applied twice and uploaded my photo, driving licence and doctor prescription as my purpose is going to hospital. But got rejected twice and i am not sure what is the reason. Can you help me by giving a screen shot of expected values for each field in the application form.

    Thank you.

  12. I am going to siddipet for marriage decoration purpose from secunderabad to siddipet my auto number is 10ub 6014

  13. Respected Sir
    My brother marriage Fixed 6 months back Itself scheduled on 04/06/2021, we are celebrating With 40 members as per our Government guidelines :-hence i am requesting you please grant the permission for our family with e pass
    Thanks & Regards,
    Gandla shiva Kanth

    1. Hii friends my name is Zain hakeem I am from karnataka.i work in my own cyber cafe .i regullerly applied for other state to telangana .e pass.for my customers .agar ksi ko telangana e pass banana hai to mail krye.but valid reason chahiye e pass application ke liye tabhi apka e pass aprrove hoga.aur valid documents bhi.for example.ap ksi ki shadi me jaa rahe ho to shadi ka card .yaa hospital jaa rahe ho to medical certificate.

  14. if I travel during the non lock down timings in the state of telangana from Kodad to Hyderabad, still e-pass is required, means between 6 AM to 1 PM.

  15. Hi ,
    Since yesterday I was trying to apply epass but didn’t due to web site problem. Please let me know is there any other way to apply epass.


  16. Hi sir this balaraju Betham
    Dear sir I need a epass reason is my marriage
    So pls granded epass
    Engagement is completed 3months back

  17. Dear TS Police department,
    Kindly approve epass for emergency treatment
    As I already applied kindly approve immediately as I need to go on Monday

  18. Hi sir ts to ap bike Minda valthun.
    Ap lo RWS drink water supply in rural villages ki works chasthunam sir. Pls accept my request

  19. Dear TS Police Department,
    Does any e pass required to travel from AP to Telangana on 12-June-2021 hence i am able to see the Dates enabled till 10-June-2021 only on E-Pass portal.?
    Can you please enable the dates on portal If e-pass required on 12-June-2021. So that i can apply for an e-pass.
    Please confirm if not required any e pass to travel from AP to Telangana on 12-June-2021.
    Thanking you…


  21. Dear Commissioner of Police,

    I;m Staying Hyderabad Due to personal emergency i went to my Native Place in Andhra Pradesh,I’m planing to Return back on 14th to Hyderabad curfew Relaxation time in between 6.00 AM to 6.PM, Epass is Required on this Time also? My Vehicle is also Registered in Hyderabad(TS08), Please confirm,



  23. I am a Bangalore resident would like to go to Hyderabad on 29th June,21 in my own car. We are 4 family members.

    Please let me know do I need to obtain any e pass for travel? If yes please inform the process.
    Do we need to do any RTPCR Test? We are healthy and don’t have any health issues. Pl advice.

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