CoWIN Certificate Download (Through Portal, DigiLocker, AarogyaSetu, Umang)

CoWIN Certificate Download (Through Portal, DigiLocker, AarogyaSetu, Umang)
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CoWIN Certificate Download at by Mobile Number – As the onset of the Covid third wave has already started, many State Governments all over India have made it mandatory to get vaccination certification for the purpose of travel and others. With the introduction of the new variant Omicron, the world is once again facing a huge challenge of protecting humankind against this new variant of Covid.

In such a case, vaccination once again remains to be one of the best solutions. While users can get the certification download from different places such as DigiLocker, ArogyaSetu, and Umang, you can also get it directly from the official Cowin website.

It is noted that the government of India issuing Covid Vaccination Certificate to each person after getting vaccinated at the authorised vaccination centre. The user will be able to download their certificate immediate after getting their 1st dose or 2nd dose. The user will have to store this certificate which can be use for various places where vaccination is mandatory.

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Cowin Certificate Download

Earlier Cowin was available just in the form of a website. But now it is also available in an app form for smartphone devices. There are a number of ways how you can download Cowin Certificate or your Covid vaccination certificates. You can download the certificate from different platforms and these are:

  • Cowin Website and Application
  • DigiLocker
  • Umang Application
  • Arogya Setu Application

How To Download Certificate from Cowin

There are two ways to download Cowin certificate. One is through the Cowin website and the other is through the Cowin application.

Cowin Certificate through Cowin Portal

The very first method is the most common one that is to download the Cowin certificate from the Cowin website.

  1. Go to the Cowin website at
  2. Next, you need to log into your profile using your mobile number and OTP.
  3. After you have logged in, click on the certificate option under your name.
  4. Click on the Download tab and the certificate will get downloaded on your system.

You should make sure to download both Certificate 1 as well as Certificate 2 individually.

Cowin Certificate through Cowin App

The second way is to download the certificate from the Cowin application.

  1. Look for Co-Win Vaccinator App in App Store or Google Store and download it on your mobile device.
  2. Log into your profile either using your mobile number and password or using OTP.
  3. After you have logged into the profile, you can go to the Certificate tab.
  4. Now under your name, you can click on Certificate 1 and Certificate 2 accordingly.
  5. Click on the download option and the certificates will be downloaded on your mobile device.

How to Download Certificate from DigiLocker?

Cowin certificate can be downloaded from DigiLocker in this way.

  1. Download the DigiLocker application from the PlayStore.
  2. Now complete the registration process by entering all the necessary details such as name, gender, birth date, and others.
  3. Go to the option of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare after completing the registration process.
  4. Now go to Vaccine Certificate and provide the reference ID to download the certificate.

How to Download Certificate through Umang App?

Another way is to download the certificate through the Umang application.

  1. Download and install the Umang application from the Playstore.
  2. Under the Whats New section, go to the tab of Cowin.
  3. In the Cowin section, click on the option of Download Vaccination Certificate.
  4. Here, provide your registered mobile number followed by the OTP.
  5. Select the certificate under the right beneficiary name and download it.

How to Download Certificate through Arogya Setu App?

Arogya setu is one of the important applications that the citizens of India are asked to download for various purposes such as travel. Hence, you can also download Cowin certificate from the Arogya Setu application.

  1. First, install the Arogya Setu application on your device.
  2. Register on the application using your mobile number or log into the app.
  3. Go to the Cowin tab and then click on the option of Vaccine Certificate.
  4. Enter your beneficiary ID and then click on Get Certificate to download the certificate.

While you can use your mobile number for download certificate from some platforms such as Cowin and the Umang application, you have to make use of Beneficiary Reference ID in other platforms such as DigiLocker and Arogya Setu application.

Currently, the users need to download certificate 1 and certificate 2 for travel purposes. Apart from the travel purpose, there are many other purposes for which the certificates are required. In some states, certificates are required for even social gatherings and events.

But across the world, even the use of booster doses has started. While in India, the vaccination for kids is about to start, even booster dose for the adults shall also start soon. With the increase in the alarming rate of the new variant omicron, it has become quite essential now to get the booster dose too.

After getting the booster dose, the users also have to download the third vaccination dose certificate. It is quite difficult to say as of now how many vaccines will be required to keep in control the other upcoming new variants. But each time, you get a vaccine, you have to make sure that you download the vaccination certificate also to keep your documentation updated for all your purposes.