Aadhar Card Address Change (Online & Offline Method)

Aadhar Card Address Change (Online & Offline Method)
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Aadhar Card Address Change Online & Offline - With the introduction of Aadhar by the Government of India, it has become mandatory at many places to display Aadhar details to avail of services while linking documents such as PAN card with Aadhar has also become mandatory now.

As Aadhar has become an essential document today, it is necessary to keep it updated all the time. It is quite obvious that several details such as mobile number, address, and even name in some cases may require changes and updates over time. Aadhar allows an easy method of updating all these details.

Aadhar Card Address Change Online

You may have changed your residential location from one place to another for varied reasons such as a change in your employment or so on. Hence, it is essential to update this change in your Aadhar. You can make changes in your Aadhar Card online with below method.

Step - 1 - Visit the site of Aadhar at https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/

Step - 2 – Sign in with your Aadhar number and OTP.

Step - 3 - Now select the option of Services and then the option of Update Aadhar Online.

Step - 4 - Next, select Address and then click on Proceed to Update Aadhar

Step - 5 - Make the changes that you wish to make in your address and then click on Proceed.

Step - 6 - Next, provide all the relevant documents for the address update.

Step - 7 - Finally review the documents, make the non-refundable payment of Rs. 50 and submit.

When you are done with the changes, you should receive the URN figure that will help you in tracking the process of change in your card.

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Aadhar Card Address Change Offline

It may happen that you are not comfortable making the updates and changes online. In such a case, you can also make the Aadhar Card Address Change offline through this procedure.

Step - 1 – Go to the nearest Center for Aadhar and ask for Address Change form.

Step - 2 - You will have to fill up an application form and submit it along with the relevant documents for address verification to the concerned person.

Step - 3 - There is a minor fee that you have to make payment of and you are done.

Important Points for Update Address in Aadhar Card 

If you have about to update your details such as an address in your Aadhar Card, there are some important points that you need to take care of.

  • The documents that you are providing for the update must be self-attested and should be appropriate.
  • Your mobile number should be surely registered with your Aadhar in order to make the necessary changes.
  • The form must be filled up only in Capital letters and none of the points should be left blank.

While it is essential to keep your Aadhar Card updated with your latest details, there are some limitations with the number of times you can update it. Hence, it is necessary to make the changes very carefully, whether it is regarding your address or something else.