IRCTC Login – Check IRCTC Next Generation Login ID and Password

IRCTC Login – Check IRCTC Next Generation Login ID and Password
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IRCTC Login (Through Login ID and Password) – IRCTC login has been there helping several Indian citizens in different activities such as booking train tickets across the country, checking PNR status, and many others. Now IRCTC Next Generation Login has come up with several upgrades on the services of e-ticketing and other services of the platform.

IRCTC Login 2024

With the use of IRCTC Login, the members can book train tickets to and from different parts of the country. Also, the passengers can check PNR status, and even take other services such as railway catering services, and others.

But in order to log into the IRCTC website, the individuals first need to get registered on the platform. Recently, the IRCTC website has got upgraded to the IRCTC Next Generation website after which you have to get registered after which you can log into it for different services that you wish to take.

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IRCTC Next Generation Login

To start using the IRCTC Next Generation portal for ticketing and other services, you have to log into the portal with the help of these steps.

  1. Visit the official website at and click on Login.
  2. Provide your credentials that are your username and password.
  3. Provide the captcha and sign in.

People who are visually impaired can use the option of OTP.

  1. Tick the box just below the captcha box.
  2. On the next page, provide your username and password, and then provide the OTP received on your mobile and sign in.

IRCTC Login ID Create New Account

To log into your IRCTC Next Generation profile for various services that you wish to avail yourself of, you first have to create a new account. This is quite easy and can be completed by following the below method.

  1. Visit the website first and click on Register.
  2. On the registration page, provide a username and a password.
  3. Confirm the password and select a preferred language.
  4. Set a security question and provide its answer.
  5. After setting your login id and password, start filling in your personal details by offering your Aadhar details.
  6. Next, offer other personal details such as marital status, birth date, occupation, and others.
  7. Next, fill in details of your contact such as phone number, email, address, and others.
  8. Now provide a captcha, tick in the terms box, and finally register.

IRCTC Login ID and Password

To register yourself on the IRCTC Next Generation portal, you have to provide the right username that you will be using to log into the portal now and then. Also, there are some guidelines provided based on which you can set a password for the portal.

  • The length of the password should be somewhere between 8 characters to 15 characters.
  • The password should have at least one capital and one small letter alphabet.
  • It is also mandatory to provide a numeric in the password.

While confirming the password, make sure to keep such a password that you can remember when you are trying to log into the portal.

IRCTC Agent Login

There are two ways how you can go for IRCTC Agent Login if you are running a train ticketing business.

The first method is almost similar to the usual IRCTC login as here.

  1. Visit the official website and click on Agent Login.
  2. On the box that comes up, select log in with OTP.
  3. Now, you can follow the steps of username and password along with OTP to sign into the portal.

The second method is to log into the portal through DC. In order to log into the portal through this method, you need to have a proper certificate registered on your website.

FAQs – IRCTC Login

You can get a ticket on your phone by sending PNR on 139. Now, you can get a printout of this ticket that you have received.

If you do not wish to log into your IRCTC profile, you can send an email with all your ticket details to the address

Usually, tickets can be booked in an advance of 120 days through the IRCTC Next Generation portal.