Speed Post Tracking 2024: @www.indiapost.gov.in Tracking Speed Post

Speed Post Tracking 2024: @www.indiapost.gov.in Tracking Speed Post
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Speed Post Tracking at IndiaPost.gov.in - Speed Post has turned out to be one of the most reliable options in courier services for quite some time now. Today, when there are so many private companies offering freight forwarding services, Speed Post from the Indian Post still stands out at a reputed position. Quite obvious, people prefer to trust upon the Government run service and also Speed Post has been always consistent in terms of its quality of service for ages.

Speed Post Tracking Number

Speed Post offers you the facility of tracking your consignment after it has been submitted at the Speed Post office. After you have submitted the package at the office, you will receive a tracking number of 13 digits that you can use to track your package in transit till the time it has not reached the concerned person or destination.

How to Check Speed Post Tracking?

There are two ways how the users can track their consignment of Speed Post. The first option is to by putting in the Indian Speed Post Tracking number on the website while the other one is through SMS.

The most commonly used option is by putting your tracking number on the website of Speed Post and track the consignment.

  • Visit the official website of India Post at https://www.indiapost.gov.in/vas/Pages/IndiaPostHome.aspx first.
  • Next scroll down and under Menu section, click on Mails.
  • Now select Premium followed by Speed Post to land on the Speed Post tracking page.
  • Here, input the 13 digital tracking number on the blank space provided.
  • Do the calculation provided and mention the answer on another blank space.
  • Cross check thoroughly and then click on Track.

As you click on Track, another page will come up that will offer you a detailed history of all the places that the consignment has crossed in transit till now.

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Speed Post Tracking SMS

If you wish to have another alternative to tracking your consignment online, you can also track your consignment with the help of SMS. Here is the process through which you can track your Speed Post consignment through SMS.

  • Type ‘POST Track (now the 13 digital tracking number) on your SMS body.
  • Type 51969 or 166 on the recipient section of the SMS.
  • Hit the Send button on your phone.

You should get a reply from the same number mentioning the details of your consignment movement.

Speed Post Tracking Status

There are several status options that you will come across while you are tracking your consignment on the website on Speed Post. These status options will help you in understanding the actual position of the consignment.

For example, of the status says in transit, then it means that your consignment is moving currently. Similarly, there are many other status options that mention that your consignment has reached a particular city or even a particular warehouse.

Again there is a status update when the consignment has reached the final destination and then again when it is out for delivery. If  you are someone who has sent something to someone else, you can also check whether the item has been delivered successfully to the concerned person or not.

Speed Post Complaint Tracking

While Speed Post is a trustable option, there can be at times when you might face uncertainties. In such a case, you can lodge a complaint by visiting the official website and clicking on the option of Register a Complaint that you will find on the homepage of the site itself.

But after you have lodged your complaint, you can also track it to check what actually the outcome of it is. In order to do so, you need to make sure that you have retained the complaint number carefully that you must have received while lodging the complaint.

  • On the official website homepage, click on help & Support under the menu section.
  • Here, first select Customer Complaints and then Track Complaint.
  • Provide your Complaint number on the page that comes up and search after entering the captcha code.

You can get details about the processing of your complaint.

FAQs - Speed Post Tracking

Speed Post tracking number is the 13 digit number that you can use to track your consignments.

If the information for your tracking number of not available, there is nothing to worry about. This happens when there is a delay between two processes and the details will get updated soon.

The delivery time can vary from one location to another. One of the best ways is to check the estimated time of delivery by providing your location on the booking page.