EPM Portal: Login and Registration at epm.jk.gov.in

EPM Portal: Login and Registration at epm.jk.gov.in
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EPM Portal: Login and Registration at epm.jk.gov.in - The EPM Portal offers a platform for the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to watch the state government officials. The Government employees have to enter their respective details on the portal and then the controlling officer will check on the working of all these employees. The motive of the portal is to make sure that all the Government services are operating in the correct way in the state.

EPM Portal

The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has developed the EPM portal for the betterment of the state recently. The name of the portal Employee Performance Monitoring suggests the actual essence of the portal, which is to monitor the performance of all the Government employees of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The portal team collects all the government employees’ information through the Sandes application.

EPM Registration

The users have to get registered on the EPM Portal to upload their details for verification.

Step - 1 - Visit the website epm.jk.gov.in and go to the option Register/Login.

Step - 2 - On the Sign In Page, click on New User.

Step - 3 - Enter your CPISID to Get Details.

Step - 4 - Complete the registration process and click on Send.

After following the above process, you will receive the sign-in details on your mobile number.

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EPM Login

Log into your EPM profile through this method.

Step - 1 - Go to the Register/Login section of the link https://epm.jk.gov.in/.

Step - 2 - Use your CPISID Number and your username.

Step - 3 - Next, enter the correct password

Step - 4 - Now, type the displayed captcha code to Login.

Forgot Password - EPM Login 

Here are the steps in case you have forgotten the password.

Step - 1 - On the Login page of the EPM portal, Click on the Forgot Password option.

Step - 2 - On the tab that opens, enter the CPISID to Get Details.

Proceed further to get your forgotten password for the profile.

EPM Sandes App

The Sandes application is an important part of the EPM Portal. These days, most activities are done through smartphones and so having an application is the best solution. Here is the way how you can install the Sandes application.

Step - 1 - Open the EPM portal on your android smartphone browser and go to Register/Login option.

Step - 2 - On the Login page, you will get Sandes app which you need to click to get to the installation page.

Step - 3 - On the installation page, click on the Install button to get the application on your device.

Step - 4 - Complete the Setting Up process and then open the application.

Step - 5 - Next, you can login using either your mobile number or email id.

Step - 6 - Verify using OTP and then fill up the profile form.

Step - 7 - Allow the application to sync your contact and other details from the smartphone.

EPM Portal Submit Activity Report

The main reason to develop the EPM portal is to monitor the performance of the employees of the J&K Government. The department members who are in charge of the monitoring will have to send an activity report of each employee. This is done by the option of ‘Submit Activity’, in the dashboard of each employee.