Pro Kabaddi 2021-2022 Schedule (OUT), Date, Teams, Points Table

Pro Kabaddi 2021-2022 Schedule, Date, Teams, Table – Pro Kabaddi is about to start once again and all the kabaddi fans are absolutely anxious for it. This is going to be the 8th season of Pro Kabaddi and the fever is increasing each year. Today, across the country, the Pro Kabaddi league is as famous as the cricket leagues. Several teams from different states play against each other to get a winner and entertain all the Kabaddi fans of the country.

Pro Kabaddi 2021-2022

Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2021 is now schedule to happen in the month of December 2021. However the complet schedule is yet ti out by the officials but the starting date is now officially out to kicj start the Pro Kabaddi League. The 8th season of the league title will also sponsored by the Vivo by naming it Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2021. The date of auction as well as the final schedule to held the league will be soon announce by the league association expected by this month.

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Pro Kabaddi 2021 Teams

Pro Kabaddi Season 8 is going to held with total of 12 teams. Following is the list of teams that are participating for season 2021.

Bengal Warriors Patna Pirates
Bengaluru Bulls Puneri Paltan
Dabang Delhi K.C. Tamil Thalaivas
Gujarat Giants Telugu Titans
Harayana Steelers U Mumba
Jaipur Pink Panthers U.P. Yoddha

Check out your favourite team and do not miss out to see their games on the scheduled dates.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 Starting Date

After several speculations and estimations, the official website of Pro Kabaddi has finally come up with the starting date of Vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 8. The matches have been scheduled to start from 22nd December in Bangalore.

Pro Kabaddi 2021-2022 Schedule

Earlier the Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2021 was scheduled for the month of June but the matches got postponed due to the Covid situations prevailing in the country. Currently, the authorities have scheduled the matches to start by 22nd December but have still not come up with the scheduled timetable for the matches to take place.

The authorities have made it clear that this time, PKL matches will take place in Bangalore, Karnataka and there will be no spectators in order to maintain the Covid precautions.

The auction of the players has already started for all the teams and the management is preparing for the best of precautions so that the matches can be started smoothly taking care of the health of the players in regards to the Covid conditions.

Pro Kabaddi Schedule 2021-2022

As expected, the management has released the final schedule timetable for the Pro Kabaddi Season 8 matches for which the Kabaddi fans are eagerly waiting.

No Team A Team B Date Time
1 Bengaluru U Mumba 22-Dec-21 07:30 PM
2 Telugu Tamil 22-Dec-21 08:30 PM
3 Bengal U.P. Yoddha 22-Dec-21 09:30 PM
4 Gujarat Jaipur 23-Dec-21 07:30 PM
5 Delhi K.C. Puneri Paltan 23-Dec-21 08:30 PM
6 Haryana Patna 23-Dec-21 09:30 PM
7 U Mumba Delhi K.C. 24-Dec-21 07:30 PM
8 Tamil Bengaluru 24-Dec-21 08:30 PM
9 Bengal Gujarat 24-Dec-21 09:30 PM
10 Patna U.P. Yoddha 25-Dec-21 07:30 PM
11 Puneri Paltan Telugu 25-Dec-21 08:30 PM
12 Jaipur Haryana 25-Dec-21 09:30 PM
13 Gujarat Delhi K.C. 26-Dec-21 07:30 PM
14 Bengaluru Bengal 26-Dec-21 08:30 PM
15 Tamil U Mumba 27-Dec-21 07:30 PM
16 U.P. Yoddha Jaipur 27-Dec-21 08:30 PM
17 Puneri Paltan Patna 28-Dec-21 07:30 PM
18 Telugu Haryana 28-Dec-21 08:30 PM
19 Delhi K.C. Bengal 29-Dec-21 07:30 PM
20 U.P. Yoddha Gujarat 29-Dec-21 08:30 PM
21 Jaipur U Mumba 30-Dec-21 07:30 PM
22 Haryana Bengaluru 30-Dec-21 08:30 PM
23 Tamil Puneri Paltan 31-Dec-21 07:30 PM
24 Patna Bengal 31-Dec-21 08:30 PM
25 U Mumba U.P. Yoddha 01-Jan-22 07:30 PM
26 Bengaluru Telugu 01-Jan-22 08:30 PM
27 Delhi K.C. Tamil 01-Jan-22 09:30 PM
28 Gujarat Haryana 02-Jan-22 07:30 PM
29 Puneri Paltan Bengaluru 02-Jan-22 08:30 PM
30 Bengal Jaipur 03-Jan-22 07:30 PM
31 Telugu Patna 03-Jan-22 08:30 PM
32 Haryana U Mumba 04-Jan-22 07:30 PM
33 U.P. Yoddha Tamil 04-Jan-22 08:30 PM
34 Puneri Paltan Gujarat 05-Jan-22 07:30 PM
35 Delhi K.C. Telugu 05-Jan-22 08:30 PM
36 Patna Tamil 06-Jan-22 07:30 PM
37 Bengaluru Jaipur 06-Jan-22 08:30 PM
38 Bengal Haryana 07-Jan-22 07:30 PM
39 Jaipur Puneri Paltan 07-Jan-22 08:30 PM
40 U.P. Yoddha Delhi K.C. 08-Jan-22 07:30 PM
41 U Mumba Telugu 08-Jan-22 08:30 PM
42 Gujarat Patna 08-Jan-22 09:30 PM
43 Puneri Paltan Bengal 09-Jan-22 07:30 PM
44 Bengaluru U.P. Yoddha 09-Jan-22 08:30 PM
45 Tamil Haryana 10-Jan-22 07:30 PM
46 Jaipur Delhi K.C. 10-Jan-22 08:30 PM
47 Patna U Mumba 11-Jan-22 07:30 PM
48 Telugu Gujarat 11-Jan-22 08:30 PM
49 Haryana U.P. Yoddha 12-Jan-22 07:30 PM
50 Delhi K.C. Bengaluru 12-Jan-22 08:30 PM
51 Bengal Tamil 13-Jan-22 07:30 PM
52 U Mumba Puneri Paltan 13-Jan-22 08:30 PM
53 Jaipur Patna 14-Jan-22 07:30 PM
54 Gujarat Bengaluru 14-Jan-22 08:30 PM
55 Haryana Delhi K.C. 15-Jan-22 07:30 PM
56 U.P. Yoddha Telugu 15-Jan-22 08:30 PM
57 U Mumba Bengal 15-Jan-22 09:30 PM
58 Tamil Jaipur 16-Jan-22 07:30 PM
59 Patna Bengaluru 16-Jan-22 08:30 PM
60 Puneri Paltan U.P. Yoddha 17-Jan-22 07:30 PM
61 Telugu Bengal 17-Jan-22 08:30 PM
62 Delhi K.C. Patna 18-Jan-22 07:30 PM
63 Gujarat U Mumba 18-Jan-22 08:30 PM
64 Haryana Puneri Paltan 19-Jan-22 07:30 PM
65 Jaipur Telugu 19-Jan-22 08:30 PM
66 Tamil Gujarat 20-Jan-22 07:30 PM
67 Bengaluru Patna 20-Jan-22 08:30 PM
68 Delhi K.C. Haryana 21-Jan-22 07:30 PM
69 Bengal U.P. Yoddha 21-Jan-22 08:30 PM
70 Patna Puneri Paltan 22-Jan-22 07:30 PM
71 U Mumba Telugu 22-Jan-22 08:30 PM
72 Jaipur Tamil 22-Jan-22 09:30 PM
73 UP Yoddha Haryana 23-Jan-22 07:30 PM
74 Gujarat Bengaluru 23-Jan-22 08:30 PM
75 Bengal Jaipur 24-Jan-22 07:30 PM
76 Puneri Paltan Delhi K.C. 24-Jan-22 08:30 PM
77 Haryana Gujarat 25-Jan-22 07:30 PM
78 Telugu Patna 25-Jan-22 08:30 PM
79 Tamil U Mumba 26-Jan-22 07:30 PM
80 Bengaluru Delhi K.C. 26-Jan-22 08:30 PM
81 UP Yoddha Jaipur 27-Jan-22 07:30 PM
82 Gujarat Puneri Paltan 27-Jan-22 08:30 PM
83 Patna Tamil 28-Jan-22 07:30 PM
84 Puneri Paltan  Bengal 28-Jan-22 08:30 PM
85 U Mumba Haryana 29-Jan-22 07:30 PM
86 Telugu UP Yoddha 29-Jan-22 08:30 PM
87 Delhi K.C. Gujarat 29-Jan-22 09:30 PM
88 Jaipur Patna 29-Jan-22 07:30 PM
89 Bengaluru Telugu 29-Jan-22 08:30 PM
90 Haryana Puneri Paltan 31-Jan-22 07:30 PM
91 U Mumba Delhi K.C. 31-Jan-22 08:30 PM
92 Bengal Gujarat 01-Feb-22 07:30 PM
93 Tamil Bengaluru 01-Feb-22 08:30 PM
94 UP Yoddha Patna 02-Feb-22 07:30 PM
95 Puneri Paltan U Mumba 02-Feb-22 08:30 PM
96 Delhi K.C. Jaipur 03-Feb-22 07:30 PM
97 Telugu Tamil 03-Feb-22 08:30 PM
98 Haryana  Bengal 04-Feb-22 07:30 PM
99 Bengaluru  UP Yoddha 04-Feb-22 08:30 PM

Pro Kabaddi 2021-2022 Points Table

According to the latest season results, Dabang Delhi K.C has the highest points of 42, and the Telugu Titans has the lowest point of 17. Here are the teams with their respective points in descending order.

Rank Team Played Won Loss Points
1 Dabang Delhi K.C. 11 7 2 42
2 Patna Pirates 11 7 3 40
3 Bengaluru Bulls 11 7 3 39
4 U.P. Yoddha 11 4 4 33
5 Jaipur Pink Panthers 11 5 5 32
6 U Mumba 11 3 3 31
7 Tamil Thalaivas 10 3 2 30
8 Bengal Warriors 11 5 5 30
9 Harayana Steelers 11 4 5 29
10 Gujarat Giants 10 2 5 23
11 Puneri Paltan 11 4 7 22
12 Telugu Titans 11 1 8 17

Pro Kabaddi Live Telecast Channel

Fans who do not wish to miss out on the live kabaddi games of their favourite teams can watch the matches live on Star Sports on the scheduled dates.

If you do not have availability of Star Sports, you can also watch the matches live on Disney Hotstar. Those who are not able to watch the matches live can always feel the same thrill and experience by watching the matches at their convenience again on the application of Disney Hotstar.

The fans can also absorb some extra highlights and other information about the matches or the players at the official website of Vivo Pro Kabaddi at

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